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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-02-27] Imbalance of sexes in India
[2007-02-27] Marriage discriminates
[2007-02-27] Migration will not resolve demographic problems fully
[2007-02-27] The Central Federal District of Russia quick facts
[2007-02-27] How much Russian women spend on cosmetics
[2007-02-27] The Russian government has approved a five-year, $9 billion draft program to combat diseases, including HIV/AIDS
[2007-02-26] During the week of Feb. 5, men and women visited online dating Web sites in nearly equal numbers
[2007-02-26] Police forces around the world spend fortunes trolling for and arresting Internet predators
[2007-02-26] Some tips on staying safe while looking for love online
[2007-02-26] In South Korea, billboards advertising marriages to foreigners dot the countryside, and fliers are scattered on the Seoul subway.
[2007-02-26] Followers of Islam use traditional methods to find their spouse
[2007-02-26] There is now a website where you can find a partner compatible with your dog, cat, snake or spider.
[2007-02-26] Married prompts a fifty percent increase in housework for women
[2007-02-26] International Women's Day
[2007-02-24] A PAIR of Hampstead men have come up with a unique way of meeting the opposite sex.
[2007-02-24] The Indian government has launched a new scheme to help women who are married and then abandoned by men of Indian origin living in the West.
[2007-02-24] Love, Florida Style - Love, Florida Style in Miami
[2007-02-24] Over the last several years we've seen a steady drop in the percentage of US online users who report browsing online dating sites.
[2007-02-24] Evansville-based Community Marriage Builders is expanding its reach with a new slate of programming in Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey and Gibson counties.
[2007-02-24] Russia celebrated a holiday on Friday honouring the military
[2007-02-24] Russian cities telephone codes and time difference
[2007-02-24] Belarus cities telephone codes and time difference
[2007-02-24] Uzbekistan cities telephone codes and time difference
[2007-02-24] Kazakhstan cities telephone codes and Kazakhstan time difference
[2007-02-24] Ukraine cities telephone codes and Ukraine time difference
[2007-02-24] Post USSR countries telephone city codes and time difference
[2007-02-23] Matchmaking rarely pays off, but that never stopped me from trying
[2007-02-23] New ways of entertaining - what can be better than speed dating!
[2007-02-23] Sweden has just got its first dating and community site for disabled people
[2007-02-23] Russia has set aside almost $3bn (£53bn) for an emergency programme to tackle its epidemic of ill-health and a falling life expectancy.
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