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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

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[2006-09-05] Volume indices of retail trade turnover
[2006-09-05] Number of wholesale organizations
[2006-09-05] Main indicators of wholesale organizations
[2006-09-05] Volume indices of wholesale trade turnover of wholesale organizations
[2006-09-05] Volume of market services rendered to population
[2006-09-05] Structure of market services rendered to population in 2001-2004
[2006-09-05] Volume of everyday services rendered to population
[2006-09-05] Freight shipments by public transport mode
[2006-09-05] Freight turnover by public transport mode
[2006-09-05] Passenger traffic by public transport mode
[2006-09-05] Passenger turnover by public transport mode
[2006-09-05] Length of transport lines
[2006-09-05] Number of construction organizations
[2006-09-05] Volume of construction agreement works performed by organizations
[2006-09-05] Commissioning of buildings
[2006-09-05] Commissioning of main production capacities through construction of new, extension and reconstruction
[2006-09-05] Main indicators of construction in agriculture
[2006-09-05] Investments in development of production basis for construction organizations
[2006-09-05] Commissioning of residential buildings
[2006-09-05] Number of apartments constructed and their average size
[2006-09-05] Distribution of agricultural land by land users
[2006-09-05] Agricultural output by types of farms
[2006-09-05] Volume indices of agricultural output by types of farms
[2006-09-05] Main indicators of production activity of agricultural organizations
[2006-09-05] Fleet of main machinery in agricultural organizations
[2006-09-05] Tractors and harvesters for agricultural organizations
[2006-09-05] Areas under agricultural crops
[2006-09-05] Gross harvest and yields of main agricultural crops
[2006-09-05] Livestock population
[2006-09-05] Output of main livestock products
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