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[2007-11-16] In the UK, the number of people diagnosed with STDs has risen by 63 percent
[2007-11-16] Sex, Lies and the Internet
[2007-11-16] Police are warning internet users to be wary of dating site scams, after a Gold Coast woman was conned into sending more than $47,000 overseas to save a man's life.
[2007-11-16] Mistakes that single people make when pursuit love
[2007-11-16] The trial is underway in California of a man accused of the murder of a 31-year-old Russian doctor. The prime suspect in the case is the woman's American husband. The couple met through a dating service in St. Petersburg and married in the U.S. However,
[2007-11-15] Marriage is statistically still much better for men than for women
[2007-11-15] Northwest couple offers advice on middle-aged dating
[2007-11-14] Police in Nigeria have arrested a 27-year-old man after he allegedly scammed a 60-year-old Queensland woman out of thousands of dollars
[2007-11-14] A Gold Coast woman who was swindled out of $47,000 in four months by a Nigerian con artist was the victim of an online romance scam
[2007-11-14] Last month, Canada Border Services Agency seized 288 fraudulent money orders
[2007-11-14] Feminist-thinking women are not only attractive to men, but having a better time than their "traditional" sisters
[2007-11-14] There's a new disorder affecting rising numbers of young single women all over the world.
[2007-11-14] Want to know what celebrity you look like or find a potential date who has green eyes, dark hair and the perfect nose? A new facial recognition technology called Eyealike from ActiveSymbols in Bellevue is attempting to do just that.
[2007-11-14] Tests To Determine If He's Mr. Right
[2007-11-10] Signing service contracts and providing fixed business venues will become mandatory for matchmakers
[2007-10-25] AIt is wedding season in India, and in almost every neighborhood, the streets echo with celebratory music.
[2007-10-25] Men and women in their late teens and early 20s gain more weight on average over five years than their single counterparts
[2007-10-25] Korea's growing foreign population, which topped the landmark 1 million mark in late August, is rapidly familiarizing Koreans with the way of life in multiracial and multicultural societies.
[2007-10-25] Asheep farmer from a remote Australian community whose quest for love on the Internet took him to the jaws of death in Africa has admitted he was naive and is lucky to be alive.
[2007-10-25] Looking for love in the Baltics
[2007-10-25] Websites promoting marital match to be probed too
[2007-10-25] Foreign men can manipulate and cheat Russian brides too
[2007-10-25] New Russian magic mantra to reverse alarming fall in the country’s birth rate
[2007-10-25] Federal prosecutors filed a new criminal charge against a Russian woman after a judge threw out a marriage fraud charge earlier this week
[2007-10-25] A new made-in-Quebec dating service organizes events so that the wealthy and lonely no longer need to suffer the torments of conventional online dating.
[2007-10-25] Online dating service aims to raise awareness on environmental issues
[2007-10-25] N.Y., dating service, will pay a $7,000 fine and offer free referrals to approximately 200 customers who were charged more than state law allows for social referrals
[2007-10-25] Who Dates Online?
[2007-10-25] What do Online Daters Want?
[2007-10-25] How Does Online Dating Work?
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