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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-05-25] You won’t find any prices in dollars or euros in Russia soon
[2006-05-25] Staying in Moscow: Visitors' Point of View
[2006-05-25] Russian TrafficPolice May Play a New Card
[2006-05-24] Army service threatens talented young Russian men
[2006-05-24] Fifth Ukrainian city grants regional status to the Russian language
[2006-05-24] "Dollar," euro" are banned words for Russian officials
[2006-05-24] Foreign currency exchange rates to the ruble as fixed by the Central Bank of Russia for May 25
[2006-05-24] Russia to ban independent foreign adoptions
[2006-05-23] Ruble to be fully convertible in summer - Zhukov
[2006-05-23] Petersburg to shut down waterways during July G8 summit
[2006-05-23] Russia to avoid Schengen visa price rise
[2006-05-23] The longest bench to appear in Moscow
[2006-05-22] May 27 and 28 are the Days of Kiev
[2006-05-22] New form of payment in Kiev subway
[2006-05-12] Lots of Americans find their match on-line
[2006-05-12] Orthodox communities abroad vote for reunification with Moscow
[2006-05-12] The Rolling Stones to perform in St. Petersburg
[2006-05-12] Cheburashka, a favorite cartoon characterof Soviet children, has won hearts of the Japanese
[2006-05-11] Visas to Cyprus to be given in Mariupol, Ukraine
[2006-05-11] British Airways won’t take latecomers aboard
[2006-05-11] Surf the net while flying over Russia
[2006-05-10] Women like men who like kids
[2006-05-10] Young Russians' housing problems
[2006-05-10] Older than 40, single.... Now What?
[2006-05-10] White Nights festival at the Mariinsky theater
[2006-05-08] You don't need to be tall and good-looking to attract women
[2006-04-24] Online Dating Service - Why uploading a picture is such a good idea
[2006-04-24] Online dating tips
[2006-04-24] AIDS cases rise in Russia
[2006-04-24] The first UK visa application processing center has opened in Russia
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