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[2007-04-10] Express dating gives life to whirlwind love
[2007-04-10] One in three women is unmarried at 35, official figures show. In 2000, only a quarter were not married. And in 1990, just one in ten was in this position.
[2007-04-09] BEWARE OF Gregory from Oakland. He is not single
[2007-04-09] A Great Dating profile Headline
[2007-04-09] Good friends team up to teach singles dating and grooming skills
[2007-04-09] You've been single for too long.
[2007-04-09] Dating has changed
[2007-04-09] Online match-makers revert to ‘swayamvar’ concept
[2007-04-09] With online personals, folks don't buy generic
[2007-04-09] Loss of young professionals who can't find mates could hurte conomy
[2007-04-09] The Dating Game
[2007-04-09] Iceland: a world record in sex
[2007-04-09] Russia waived its six-month-old embargo on air links with its ex-Soviet neighbor Georgia on Saturday to allow a planeload of people to visit relatives in Russia for Easter, local media reported.
[2007-04-09] Russia and the Policing of Political Islam
[2007-04-09] With growing financial independence, single women in Mumbai are turning moms through adoption
[2007-04-09] Divorce easier in China as women gain financial independence
[2007-04-09] Marriage in Yemen has grown so expensive that many young people cannot afford to get married until later in life.
[2007-04-09] When it comes to marriage material, women are wary of good-looking high-flyers, and are drawn to less successful men instead
[2007-04-07] Today’s online dating scene all about money and looks
[2007-04-07] Station's popular dating service now online despite govt clampdown
[2007-04-07] Olympia speed dating event helps men and women connect in a safe, fun and friendly environment
[2007-04-07] traps in online relationships
[2007-04-07] Being the Older Woman
[2007-04-07] The wedding itself may not be virtual, but the process leading up to it often is. More and more, Indians are turning to the Internet to find their mates -- and entrepreneurs are profiting from the trend.
[2007-04-07] Men who have at least one failed marriage consider marrying younger women from outside of Korea, usually from Southeast Asia.
[2007-04-07] A quarter (8.6 million) of Britons have taken a single sex vacation
[2007-04-05] Even though dating violence is common amongst teens, less than a quarter of U.S. child and adolescent psychiatrists report consistently screening for it
[2007-04-05] More women than men admitted to being a 'Dear John Texter' meaning they have broken up with their partner using a text message from their mobile phone.
[2007-04-05] A federal judge in Georgia this week upheld a new law that prohibits Americans from contacting foreigners through online dating services without first submitting to an extensive background check.
[2007-04-05] Two thirds of Russian women use decorative cosmetics at that virtually half of them make themselves up almost every day
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