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[2007-04-30] Online dating has a bad rap but everyone's doing it these days
[2007-04-30] Ireland's First Scientific Online Matchmaking Service for Irish Singles
[2007-04-27] Online dating services are a prime target of con artists, looking to steal people's hearts and wallets.
[2007-04-27] The Minneapolis-based dating service works by pairing people who share the same drink characteristics from professionals who would describe themselves as "martini," to the sophisticated "fine wine/champagne," to the energetic "sports drink."
[2007-04-27] A pet can improve your dating chances
[2007-04-27] TWO local dating agencies will combine to present a speed dating night in Bendigo on Saturday, May 1
[2007-04-27] Almost 22 percent of pregnant U.S. women smoke cigarettes and more than 10 percent are nicotine dependent
[2007-04-27] Flawed business model behind Web site for the hot misses the point
[2007-04-26] Dating online is not just for the socially inept
[2007-04-26] Despite pre-date ‘lucky’ rituals and savvy dating advice, students drink too much, cry at movies, and end up in awkard first date situations
[2007-04-26] Office romances are a fact of life but the repercussions can be a nasty business
[2007-04-26] One in ten relationships is held together by the humble Post-it note
[2007-04-26] Internet Dating Web Sites Take Steps to Ensure Their Couples Stay Together
[2007-04-25] Should women make the first move in relationships?
[2007-04-25] A new matchmaking service for dogs – and virtually every other kind of domesticated pet from apes to zebras – promises to facilitate the arduous and heartbreaking process of hounding for the perfect mate.
[2007-04-25] Model and actress Pamela Anderson’s recent trip to Russia has made her fall in love with the orphans of the country
[2007-04-24] Co-stars admit they are an item on their websites after months of denials
[2007-04-24] Vietnamese police have broken up an illegal matchmaking ring, raiding a home where 66 young women had lined up for inspection by a South Korean suitor, a police officer said Tuesday.
[2007-04-24] A Quest to Delete Online Predators
[2007-04-24] Russian market of perfumery and cosmetics is one of the most fast-growing markets in the world
[2007-04-23] The Single No More players receive final critiques from their relationship coach, and most of them seem to be encouraging
[2007-04-23] A dating agency in Brussels is now restricted to only officials of the European Union and their guests.
[2007-04-23] Dating while separated has no legal bearing
[2007-04-23] Gold-diggers break lonely Eurocrat hearts
[2007-04-23] Law would promote careless online dating
[2007-04-23] 118 online dates, for those keeping score at home
[2007-04-23] Beware of dating sites and spinoffs
[2007-04-23] Police and immigration officers yesterday broke up a gang behind a major sham marriage scam.
[2007-04-23] Seminar for parents and kids helps distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships
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