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[2007-04-23] Common online dating offenses to avoid
[2007-04-23] It's Often Hard To Break Up With Online Services
[2007-04-23] Technology and love
[2007-04-23] Survey finds fifth of immigrants from former Soviet Union feel Independence Day is their favorite holiday.
[2007-04-23] Show's twisted purpose to watch women fight, see them humiliated
[2007-04-23] Keep An Eye On "Other Russia!"
[2007-04-23] Internet dating making relationships 'a commodity'
[2007-04-22] Sham marriages happening every day in Scotland
[2007-04-21] Who Are the Russians?
[2007-04-21] Does Russia Matter?
[2007-04-20] Suddenly single
[2007-04-20] Two local residents want to help area singles bring a little more love into their lives with a new matchmaking business.
[2007-04-20] FIVE people are in police custody today after a sham marriage racket was smashed with raids in west Scotland and England
[2007-04-20] New Singles Group Matches Dental Hygiene Fanatics
[2007-04-20] Online ordinations increase in popularity as more ministers earn the power to preside with the click of a mouse.
[2007-04-20] 118 online dates, for those keeping score at home
[2007-04-20] Not a single thing wrong with being single
[2007-04-20] A man has lost £16,000 A$38,345 in two internet dating scams after sending money overseas to girls who failed to turn up.
[2007-04-20] Russian orphans
[2007-04-19] Working the room is the key to success at the latest singles party to hit the Twin Cities.
[2007-04-19] A second chance for divorcees was what French online dating agencies proposed when Marc Simoncini entered the industry.
[2007-04-19] A happy marriage
[2007-04-19] What, you think we won't notice?
[2007-04-19] Australian singles keep it simple
[2007-04-19] Drowning victim was mail-order bride
[2007-04-19] A shelter for destitute women in eastern India is set to celebrate its sixth wedding next month, after it set up an innovative matchmaking scheme to find husbands for its residents.
[2007-04-19] Matchmaker, Matchmaker... Make Mine A Mooney?
[2007-04-19] Matrimonial websites now want to grab a share of the Rs 70,000 crore wedding management market.
[2007-04-19] It seems that in today’s society, traditional ways of dating are a thing of the past.
[2007-04-19] Matchmaking moving to corporate world
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