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[2007-04-15] Marriage no longer top of wish list for thirtysomethings
[2007-04-13] SCAMMERS are using internet dating sites to steal cash from islanders.
[2007-04-13] US visas for child of fiance. Good news vs. Bad
[2007-04-13] Dating guidelines for single parents
[2007-04-13] The tall and the short of love
[2007-04-13] According to Forbes Sacramento holds the 13th place in the nation for cities with the best singles scene.
[2007-04-13] Spreading the word
[2007-04-13] Mixer for the unattached set for Saturday
[2007-04-13] Kiwi men looking for love in all the wrong places are finding themselves left high and dry after bringing mail order brides into New Zealand.
[2007-04-13] Taking a potential partner home can be a giant step on the road to romance.
[2007-04-13] Russian Health alert
[2007-04-13] The next Russian Revolution
[2007-04-13] Stereotypes about the unwed make our ears ring
[2007-04-13] Fake marriages trap for homeless men
[2007-04-13] For years, studies have touted the benefits of marriage, but new research is finally giving singles their due.
[2007-04-11] THE day of the sugar daddy could be said to be over, while the rise and rise of the toy boy is here stay.
[2007-04-11] Click for chicks
[2007-04-11] Will romantic singles be leaving the zoo two by two?
[2007-04-11] In baby-scarce Japan, marriage is delivered to door
[2007-04-11] Vietnam matchmaking ring broken up
[2007-04-11] Red flags of abusive relationships
[2007-04-11] Every fifth Swedish woman between the ages of 18 and 35 has engaged in online sex,
[2007-04-10] You can learn about potential love interests on search engine
[2007-04-10] The Bachelor: Be Careful What You Wish For
[2007-04-10] OOO Media Mir, a subsidiary of OAO RBC Information Systems (RTS, MICEX: RBCI), has announced that it acquired a controlling stake in OOO Loveplanet, one of the two most popular dating services on the Russian Internet
[2007-04-10] 'Love contracts' may be common in the workplace
[2007-04-10] Police in southern Vietnam broke up a matchmaking ring for South Korean men, raiding a home where more than 100 young women awaited potential husbands
[2007-04-10] TV babes Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby are fronting a new matchmaking show for ITV and are looking for lonely hearts in Wiltshire.
[2007-04-10] Russia's average annual alcohol consumption has reached 15 litres per person, nearly tripling the 1990 average of 5.4 litres
[2007-04-10] Russian girls reveal how to marry a billionaire
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