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[2007-09-25] Police in southern Vietnam broke up an illegal matchmaking ring, raiding a karaoke bar where 65 young women were awaiting their potential South Korean husbands
[2007-09-25] THE old Bhai Bhai (brothers) slogan that underscored India's relations with the erstwhile Soviet Union is long passé. But the "brothers" could now become brothers-in-law.
[2007-09-25] With difficulties in defining a “relationship,” women tell exactly what they want from one.
[2007-09-25] Though Indians continue to use Internet primarily for emailing, online dating, and matrimonials along with social networking are gaining prominence
[2007-09-25] A priest in Stockholm has come under fire for not allowing a bride to be walked down the aisle by her father. But church authorities have defended the decision, saying that the tradition is foreign and sexist.
[2007-09-25] Running out of options of people to drink with, date, or do on the weekends? Online dating websites might have the solution to your weekend woes.
[2007-09-22] Gabriele Pauli, glamorous contender for the leadership of the Christian Social Union, believes anyone wanting to stay married for longer than seven years should renew their wedding vows.
[2007-09-21] Some look to the skies or use astrology to find The One
[2007-09-21] Detective Lt. Hal Kluttz says three Lincoln County residents have been used by the Nigerian scam operation since June of 2006 and all three were contacted as they surfed love connection and dating web sites.
[2007-09-21] Celebrities Singles Want to Date
[2007-09-21] Is there such a thing such a perfect date?!
[2007-09-21] Are we more attracted to taken men (or women)?
[2007-09-21] Marriage is still important – may it remain so!
[2007-09-21] There's a dating Web site for Deaf and single
[2007-09-21] Take some advice: Be selfish in relationships. Think of you first.
[2007-09-21] Australian senator calls for lesbians, singles IVF ban
[2007-09-21] Madison County has started a new group to give people the skills and confidence they need to become self-sufficient.
[2007-09-21] Sex and Dating - the infamous couple!
[2007-09-21] Commitment is solid regardless of expensive wedding ceremony, say parents who delay their vows
[2007-09-21] The number of those under 30 who are being sterilised is increasing every year, and the NHS sterilises more than 40,000 women annually.
[2007-09-21] I don't believe in love anymore.
[2007-09-21] The number of people looking for love online in the Washington region alone is staggering.
[2007-09-21] Parents Need To Heed Kids' Reactions But Not Give Them Too Much Power
[2007-09-21] Why are we, generally, so bloody incapable of separating lust from love? We value our time so much, yet waste oodles of it on shoddy investments, quick-fix schemes and escapist strategies.
[2007-09-21] Understanding the science of love isn't as complicated as it seems.
[2007-09-21] LONELY mother Anan "Annie" Liu had a lover and became a member of an internet dating site in a desperate bid to find "true love" in the months before she was killed.
[2007-09-21] BENDIGO'S the place to be if you're single, male and straight.
[2007-09-21] An increasing number of heterosexual couples have been shacking up without plans for a trip down the aisle.
[2007-09-21] More people are lookin' for love on their mobile phones, and a new report from Juniper Research Ltd. estimates that revenues from mobile dating and chatroom services will hit $1 billion by 201
[2007-09-17] Double Your Dating Confidence
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