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[2007-01-12] Russian Elite As Russians Saw It in 2006
[2007-01-12] Online sites have displaced traditional ways of telling the world when a romance blossoms -- or withers
[2007-01-12] Tips for getting the best online dating service profile picture
[2007-01-11] Getting into the dating game after a relationship breakdown can be a daunting prospect for anyone.
[2007-01-11] A PENSIONER has won a battle to move his 44-year-old Chinese bride into the old people's complex where he lives.
[2007-01-11] A council has backed down after telling a 70-year-old man his Chinese bride could not move in to his flat at a Swansea valley sheltered complex.
[2007-01-11] Heartbreak warning: This is national breakup season, study says
[2007-01-11] 26 area singles will have opportunity to meet their match on TV reality show
[2007-01-11] SINGLETONS in Harlow are being sought by a bus company to take part in a Valentine's Day dating session
[2007-01-11] Love on the Rockies: Single? Blame Bill Gates
[2007-01-11] Duncan’s doctor of love
[2007-01-11] Love and relationships
[2007-01-11] Facts and Myths about Finding a Mate
[2007-01-11] Love messengers emerge
[2007-01-11] The Dating Game, 21st Century Style
[2007-01-11] Marriage amendment needs amending
[2007-01-11] Have young Czechs given up on marriage?
[2007-01-11] Czech judges propose simpler divorce proceedings
[2007-01-11] Czech Republic has highest divorce rate in Europe
[2007-01-11] Growing number of Czech children have to cope with the trauma of divorce
[2007-01-11] Czech family: few children, many divorces
[2007-01-11] Breaking up isn't always so hard to do
[2007-01-11] Men lust for hourglass curves, say researchers
[2007-01-11] Two weddings and a bridezilla
[2007-01-10] DatingDirect, the Brummie-based dating service, has been sold to French dating company Meetic for £27.3m.
[2007-01-10] Serial bride plundered bank accounts
[2007-01-10] Single status: this ‘equal pay’ deal cuts women’s wages
[2007-01-10] Internet search yields to friends doing the matchmaking
[2007-01-10] INTERNET brides are fleecing big-hearted Brits for thousands of pounds each year, a Chippenham-based lawyer has warned
[2007-01-10] Words that should be banned for 2007 that have to do with relationships
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