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[2007-11-26] What would you do if your employer told you not to use MySpace, and Second Life because those sites are "too dangerous" and "inappropriate" for you?
[2007-11-26] GIRLS, beware of the red roses. Men are more romantic than women when their relationships are on the rocks
[2007-11-26] Unlucky in love, ladies? Worry not. It's not your fault. It's just a build up of dating toxins...
[2007-11-26] In another move by state lawmakers to try to boost Internet safety, online dating sites would have to notify New Jersey residents whether they do criminal background checks under a proposal set to be considered this week.
[2007-11-26] In a comparative study on women's trafficked through migration, the United Nation stated that an estimated of four million women were trafficked from one country to another and within countries.
[2007-11-26] Nina Reiser isn't the world's greatest mother; she is a manipulative and deceptive mail-order bride who used her estranged husband, Hans Reiser, to gain U.S. citizenship
[2007-11-26] Do men really want to be with a docile helpmeet rather than an equal? Are we part of a generation of women that is so successful that we are overqualified for love?
[2007-11-26] Men who get married and have children are more likely to experience reductions in testosterone.
[2007-11-26] The Men in Skirts. Both Pope Benedict and King Abdullah have been on a "charm offensive" and been seeking photo opportunities and providing unusual access to journalists.
[2007-11-26] The statistics suggest Americans should think twice before saying "I do" again. Many people, though, say they get it right the second time.
[2007-11-26] Parliament will start debating a proposed new law that will erase fathers from applications by single or lesbian women for IVF treatment.
[2007-11-26] In pursuit of their dream job many couples are forced to live apart for extended periods of time reuniting occasionally, when their busy schedules allow. Forget the mantra, "till death do us part" career is sending partners in different directions.
[2007-11-26] Researchers and activists are linking the feminization of HIV-AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa with another major health affliction for women in the region: female genital mutilation.
[2007-11-26] Since 50 % of all marriages end in divorce ~ perhaps we need another look at relationships and why they are the true test of who we are .
[2007-11-26] This is the tale of one man's nervous foray into social networking.
[2007-11-21] Online dating is not wrong - it's just one more way to co-create your life with God.
[2007-11-21] Can being unfaithful save your relationship? Marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall reveals the unexpected benefits of betrayal
[2007-11-21] 2 Husbands Try To Buy Cut-Rate Mail-Order Brides
[2007-11-21] Artificial intelligence? Think artificial nookie. One expert says that by 2050, men and women will be having intimate relations with lifelike machines
[2007-11-21] Internet scams targeting those looking for love
[2007-11-21] You're Not Attractive And neither is your girlfriend, but in order to stomach the prospect of a long-term relationship, you delude yourself into believing she's better looking than she really is.
[2007-11-19] Age Gap Marriages With Young Russian Mail Order Brides
[2007-11-19] Playing the dating game in Ireland is much harder for women of a certain age
[2007-11-19] SPEED-DATING events, a dating agency, online dating sites, a profile on Facebook, or relying on friends to match-make...
[2007-11-19] Russian Federation's Healthcare Ministry has approved a measure to procure a signature from women seeking an abortion
[2007-11-16] In Punjab, where the ambition of nearly half the population is to go abroad, the government has started an advertisement campaign warning against immigration, marriage and job frauds being carried out by unscrupulous travel agents.
[2007-11-16] Police have arrested three more people they said were involved in an online crime ring that robbed three men last month.
[2007-11-16] There is nothing that defines relationships and sex for this generation more than Facebook.
[2007-11-16] Do a lot of research before using dating sites online
[2007-11-16] According to the Center for Disease Control, 50% of sexually active men and women will contract an HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection during their lives
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