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[2007-08-09] It's every woman's dating nightmare
[2007-08-08] Women searching for the perfect partner avoid macho men in favour of feminine-looking types whom they see as more committed and better parents
[2007-08-07] Time Magazine has named as one of the 5 worse websites and sites to avoid.
[2007-08-06] Memories of the Soviet Union are mostly a private affair in Russian-American poet Michael Dumanis' collection.
[2007-08-01] British women like to feel confident and beautiful for their own pleasure and take pride in their outward appearance
[2007-08-01] Police in Richmond received a complaint from a man who was stood up by his Internet girlfriend after he sent her $2,000 US to buy a plane ticket from Nigeria to Vancouver International Airport
[2007-08-01] Mobestar has struck up a partnership with Datech, a provider of dating services to 7,000 web sites around the world via its World Dating Partners brand.
[2007-08-01] In 2003 online personals, dating and socializing sites generated $449.5 million in subscription sales, which is expected to grow to $642 million by 2008
[2007-08-01] A federal grand jury in Manhattan indicted five people Tuesday on charges of arranging scam marriages between Americans and foreigners, charging as much as $15,000 for the service
[2007-07-31] New rules protect foreign brides
[2007-07-31] Knesset members slam internal security minister’s opposition to initiative annulling visa requirements for Russian tourists
[2007-07-31] AUSTRALIAN men are following the cash to the resource-rich states, creating a male surplus in Western Australia and the Northern Territory while entrenching shortages of men in NSW and Victoria.
[2007-07-31] More than 800 Sindhis from 35 countries gathered for an international extravaganza where matchmaking was a key objective.
[2007-07-31] This summer's blockbuster romcom charts the story of a girl who has a baby after a one-night stand – a scenario all too familiar to a growing number of British women
[2007-07-31] Canada is the capital of the online dating business
[2007-07-31] Busy singles looking for love need to look no further than their very own personal matchmaker.
[2007-07-31] If an attractive Russian woman contacts youafter being intrigued by yourMySpace profile, chances are she's not Russian,not a woman, and not really interested inyou
[2007-07-28] A book attacking the hallowed cult of motherhood in France has raised more than Gallic eyebrows
[2007-07-27] SINGLE speedway fans can rev up their love lives with a new dating website dedicated to fuelling romance
[2007-07-27] With more than 1,200 professional matchmakers across the US, the matchmaking industry raked in about $236 million in 2005, according to
[2007-07-27] How Single Women Use their Mobile Phones
[2007-07-27] To all those who doubt the value of Internet dating, listen closely: Sometimes, just sometimes, love blossoms online.
[2007-07-25] AN Adelaide woman has been duped into sending more than $30,000 to a Nigerian suitor she met on the internet
[2007-07-25] DreamNex has launched new instant messaging software
[2007-07-25] 52 percent of West Australians travelling abroad are looking for love - or at least a fling.
[2007-07-25] THE sex industry is taking a spanking from online dating websites providing "adult" contacts with minimal costs to customers
[2007-07-25] Enjoy the online dating relationship, keep the money to yourself
[2007-07-25] Have you been discriminated against by a dating service?
[2007-07-25] More Americans say it's a "bad thing" for single women to have children (66 percent) or unmarried couples to have them (59 percent) than object to gay couples raising children (50 percent).
[2007-07-25] 40 percent of single women between the ages of 35 and 44 in Korea marry younger men
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