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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-04-19] An Atlantic City gambler was sentenced Tuesday to nearly 10 years in federal prison for inducing over 100 women from around the nation to send him money by assuring them he was romantically interested and would move near them.
[2007-04-19] Russians plunge on our lingerie
[2007-04-19] A group of 24 Russians and Swedes were charged in Gothenburg on Tuesday with human trafficking, pimping and buying sex from nine Russian women
[2007-04-19] Married people — especially married men — are better off than the unmarried
[2007-04-18] Scotland voted best place to bring up a family
[2007-04-17] Kiev Wi-Fi hotspots
[2007-04-17] Avoid Online Dating Scams
[2007-04-17] Russian Bride Movie
[2007-04-17] Mobile phones have created a sexual revolution in Japan
[2007-04-17] Online dating odyssey
[2007-04-17] Google changes dating dynamics
[2007-04-17] Now brides for free
[2007-04-17] and Singles in Agriculture try to help farmers in the US make new friends
[2007-04-17] THE Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) will be introducing an accreditation framework - the SDU Trust Mark - for the dating industry.
[2007-04-17] Internet Web sites must now require American men to disclose violent criminal histories to would-be brides
[2007-04-16] Older single women are turning to the web to find love - and many of them are after a significantly younger lover.
[2007-04-16] PEOPLE INVESTIGATION EU girls will marry for illegals can rip off Brit taxpayers Revealed...sham weddings that open door to army of gangsters and benefits scroungers
[2007-04-16] A "noticeable" number report being sexually assaulted by someone they met via the Web
[2007-04-16] Online Dating: Make sure an attorney is present
[2007-04-16] AUSTRALIANS who dabble in internet romance are likely to be cyber cheaters, with almost half of online lovers having a partner in the real world.
[2007-04-16] While the number of international marriages in Korea decreased for the first time in ten years last year, the number of international divorces soared.
[2007-04-16] 29,660 international couples involving Korean grooms and foreign brides married last year, while 3,924 of those couples divorced.
[2007-04-16] A matchmaking agency has offered to get 15 couples get hitched for free.
[2007-04-16] Ukrainian tourist site threatened
[2007-04-16] Russia suspends foreign adoptions
[2007-04-16] The business of finding a mate
[2007-04-15] The Pro’s Of Online Dating
[2007-04-15] A shelter for destitute women in eastern India is set to celebrate its sixth wedding next month, after it set up an innovative matchmaking scheme to find husbands for its residents.
[2007-04-15] With immigrant ban, vacancies in Russia's markets
[2007-04-15] Dating at high speed
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