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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-03-28] A matchmaking site for the disabled
[2007-03-28] Russian population will reduce from the current 140 million to 108 million people
[2007-03-28] Custom of drinking vodka in Russia
[2007-03-28] Some strategies for speed dating
[2007-03-28] The Dating Game: Back in the hunt - and it's a new world
[2007-03-28] After 30 years of marriage, 55% of single applications for divorce are filed by men
[2007-03-28] Try thinking of yourself as 'singular'—defined by your relationship to God, not a man.
[2007-03-28] Who is and isn't marrying, and why
[2007-03-28] The romance of being a single woman comes at a cost
[2007-03-28] Women choosing not to marry
[2007-03-26] The secret life of French lovers
[2007-03-10] Online dating is it prostitution?
[2007-03-10] Sms' could sabotage the chances of finding love for women
[2007-03-10] India's top matchmaking Web site is moving into storefronts to get a bigger piece of a $300 million business
[2007-03-10] State legislators say teens involved in illegal Romeo-and-Juliet relationships shouldn't be labeled sex offenders.
[2007-03-10] Paid Dating Sites Vs. Free Online Sites
[2007-03-10] London's free dating site, has launched new video facility
[2007-03-10] Mass wedding to be held in Russia
[2007-03-10] Russian women often think to themselves that although the constitution grants equal rights to women and men, in real life their opportunities are very unequal
[2007-03-10] U.S. women age 30 and older are having babies at the highest rate since 1964, while teenagers are having fewer than ever
[2007-03-09] Step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your life
[2007-03-09] Muslim Roma brides for 3,000 euros
[2007-03-09] Indian Pakistani matchmaking
[2007-03-09] Russia honours its women with capitalistic fervour
[2007-03-09] Curch claims traditional family unit under threat. Divorce rates rise 19%. Number of children born out of wedlock heads towards 50%
[2007-03-08] Be friends, lovers at same time
[2007-03-08] Internet dating in New Jersey will require more of a commitment if a bill approved by a state Senate committee on Monday becomes law.
[2007-03-08] What Do Women Think of Women' Day
[2007-03-08] Girls, if want your man to stay interested, stop sending text messages. SMS could be sabotaging your chance of finding love.
[2007-03-08] In Russia women earn only 70% of men's salaries, and get 40%-50% of their pensions
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