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[2007-02-16] More people finding Romance via Mobile
[2007-02-16] The number of disaffected Russian Jews in Israel is likely to slowly disappear over time because the flow of new immigrants from the former Soviet Union has decreased
[2007-02-16] Skeptical about looking for love online?
[2007-02-15] Online Dating Check-up
[2007-02-15] Quepasa Corp. has purchased online dating Web site
[2007-02-15] Dating Success Story
[2007-02-15] Can Social Networks Cut In Dating Market
[2007-02-15] Web sites drawing the highest percentage of male visitors were those geared toward gay men.
[2007-02-15] Some dating sites are more trafficked by women
[2007-02-15] Your lovelife may be tied more closely to your health than you think
[2007-02-15] How and why we fall in love
[2007-02-15] Top U.S. online matchmakers are hoping to hook up with Chinese partners to promote dating services in an effort to explore new profit streams in emerging markets.
[2007-02-15] Russia bids to boost birth rates
[2007-02-15] It's a single-minded town On Valentine's Day, a high number of women go it alone
[2007-02-15] Marriage isn't dead, but it seems more women are waiting longer to pursue it
[2007-02-15] Google Personals vs.
[2007-02-15] There's a matchmaker along the border who specialty is helping American men find Mexican wives.
[2007-02-14] Dating websites can hide fraudsters who will pull the wool over your eyes to get your money. Spot the scam here
[2007-02-14] The European online dating scene is hot and getting hotter.
[2007-02-14] LOVE is big business in SA, with more than triple the number of internet dating sites than in 2004 and annual revenue of about R40m
[2007-02-14] Do personal ads get you laid? Pitiably desperate female, two months shy of 30, wonders
[2007-02-14] Tips On Getting Over A Break
[2007-02-14] Better phones, cameras and broadband connections draw singles to mobile dating
[2007-02-14] IMBRA: Time To End Feminist Destruction Of Marriage
[2007-02-14] Online dating ought to make Valentine's Day easier for singles. And for those who have clicked their way to love online, it has. But replacing serendipity – or a blind date – with the power of matching algorithms and countless choices isn't necessarily
[2007-02-14] UK and French online users, France had the highest proportion of its online population visiting online personals sites.
[2007-02-14] how to be a successful Valentine
[2007-02-14] The effects of love on the brain are similar to those of cocaine, according to a team that has studied scans of lovestruck people.
[2007-02-14] Russia is facing a drastic demographic decline
[2007-02-13] Analysts reported that the online dating market in Europe is heating up
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