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[2006-10-19] Money can’t buy him love, but he’ll still try
[2006-10-19] Waltham Romeo offers cash reward to matchmaker who finds him wife
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[2006-10-19] Slavic fundamentalists, new to U.S., rail at gays
[2006-10-19] Only 15 percent of Americans ages25 to 29 in 1970 were unmarried.
[2006-10-18] Ave Maria Singles becomes the first Catholic Dating Site to Launch Personality Assessment Powered by Thomas.
[2006-10-18] U.S. men and foreign women face roadblock in walk down the aisle
[2006-10-18] U.S. delays foreign bride arrivals
[2006-10-18] Students' matchmaking service taking off
[2006-10-18] Do smart girls finish last in love?
[2006-10-18] Online dating relationts leads to real-life beating and rape
[2006-10-18] Instant phone translations connects immigrants
[2006-10-17] HIV+ dating and other connections
[2006-10-17] Love at first byte as couple find romance on internet
[2006-10-17] Married Couples are Minority in the U.S.
[2006-10-17] £30 billion spent on looking for love
[2006-10-17] Desperate wives seek peace of mind but no divorce
[2006-10-17] Proposing to keep the romance alive
[2006-10-17] EC moves to clarify divorce process in Europe
[2006-10-17] Working-class marriages 'shorten lifespan'
[2006-10-17] Hungry men find big women sweet
[2006-10-17] Is this the world's bitterest husband and most devastating divorce case?
[2006-10-17] Only 2 percent of those with learning disabilities married
[2006-10-17] For richer and for poorer
[2006-10-17] £250,000 for life for wife who gave up lucrative career for family
[2006-10-17] US judges rule girls can marry at age 12
[2006-10-17] Wives rush to file for divorce before law change wipes out their windfall
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