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Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-10-25] How to marry a millionaire?
[2007-10-23] Dating by the numbers
[2007-10-22] Extreme Temperatures
[2007-10-16] A small village 150 kilometres east of Moscow is not exactly the place you would expect to find a retired police officer from Baltimore.
[2007-10-16] The first kiss: For men, it's about sex, but for women, it's an indicator of whether there's a relationship to come
[2007-10-16] Unflattering feminist stereotypes, that tend to stigmatize feminists as unattractive and sexually unappealing, are unsupported
[2007-10-16] How to meet, win and keep the woman of your dreams
[2007-10-15] A CABINET minister has argued that the tax system should promote marriage, in the latest Labour foray into natural Conservative territory.
[2007-10-15] Some people say the major religion of Russia is Russian Orthodoxy. Well, it's not
[2007-10-15] Children of Russian-American marriages
[2007-10-12] Last month on, someone who described herself as a “spectacularly beautiful” 25-year-old placed a personal ad seeking a husband who made at least $500,000 a year, because “$250,000 won’t get me to Central Park West.”
[2007-10-12] People could be falling in love and having sex with robots in a few decades and even marrying them, according to a British artificial intelligence researcher.
[2007-10-12] The Colorado Springs Senior Center was filled with flirtation and romance
[2007-10-12] The new Russian demographic policy trying to revert the threat of depopulation hanging over the country in the next 50 years, took form today in a decree issued by president Vladimir Putin.
[2007-10-12] While eating out in Moscow, choosing a suitable place is not a problem - one can find reliable food almost everywhere without challenging your stomach. But outside the city, things are different
[2007-10-12] Moscow city council members plan to support the opening of a chain of halal stores selling food products prepared in accordance with Muslim tradition
[2007-10-12] Vodka is the Russian national drink of choice and will not be replaced by anything else any time soon.
[2007-10-12] Moscow ranks as the world's priciest city
[2007-10-12] Here is a list of 10 things to know while in the Russian capital.
[2007-10-12] People to avoid when online dating
[2007-10-12] Congressmen Jim Moran and Alan Mollohan secured a $1M grant for a feminist group, Tahirih Justice Center, to enforce the IMBRA dating law.
[2007-10-12] It's the latest wrinkle in digital romancing, a Web-camera-based service that lets singles lounge on their couch in sweats, if they so choose, while going on dozens of Internet "dates" in an hour or two.
[2007-10-12] Disaboom, Inc. the first online community for people living with or directly affected by disabilities or functional limitations, today announced the acquisition of the web site, an online dating and social networking service
[2007-10-12] A handsome young con artist with the “gift of the gab” is targeting single women in Tampa Bay, police say.
[2007-10-12] More than a third of Americans over 50 are divorced, widowed, separated or have never married
[2007-10-12] 8per cent of brides kept their own names, with 15 per cent hyphenating. In the US, the survey showed just 6 per cent of women were retaining their surname.
[2007-10-12] Visa process a struggle for men with foreign spouses
[2007-10-09] Online dating helps fight AIDS
[2007-10-06] THE number of cohabiting couples in the UK surged over the past decade, while the number of married people is down
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