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[2007-12-10] Women spend a substantial amount of time on relationships, but in doing so do they distract themselves from worthier pursuits?
[2007-12-10] A 48-year-old man caught up in an internet love triangle was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing his rival after being dumped by the woman they both competed for.
[2007-12-10] More than 400 international marriage brokers are based in the United States. It estimates that one-third to one-half of foreign fiancees coming to the United States - between 11,000 and 16,500 ayear - encountered their future husbands through an internati
[2007-12-06] Fourteen thousand women are murdered in the Russian Federation each year by their intimate partners .
[2007-12-06] A perfect soulmate for life and perfect love is like impossible these days.
[2007-12-04] Ukraine woman shares the story of how she escaped from forced labor in USA
[2007-12-04] WHAT keeps a relationship going through tough times? We speak to three couples to find out.
[2007-12-04] The number of foreign children adopted by Americans has dropped for the third year in a row
[2007-12-04] Half of the men in farming and fishing villages in North Gyeongsang Province who married last year chose foreign brides
[2007-12-03] The world's first "safe sex passport" will be launched in the United States
[2007-12-03] A Spanish man is languishing in jail this week awaiting charges to be brought for the murder of a woman who spurned his marriage proposal ondaytime TV.
[2007-12-03] The immigration debate could be coming to the small screen, with maybe the biggest prize of all up for grabs: legal citizenship.
[2007-12-03] A change in Japanese law this year allows a wife who is filing for divorce to claim as much as half her husband's company pension.
[2007-12-03] Meeting for a drink with someone fresh out of the clink is just one of the many stories that have come from those who have tried online dating.
[2007-12-03] Assistant U.S. Attorney Ryan Roberts of Muskogee was in Russia for 14 days in November and compared court systems and lifestyles.
[2007-11-30] A man who robbed two other men he met through a telephone dating service has been arrested
[2007-11-30] Jangl, Inc., the company connecting millions of online profiles and mobile phones, safely and privately, today debuted a major upgrade to its free service, enabling a text messaging capability that cleverly connects mobile handsets and personal computers
[2007-11-30] Last year, the ratio in South Korea was 107.4 boys born to every 100 girls - still above the normal ratio of 105. But it has declined every year since 200
[2007-11-30] Surprise Marriage Proposal on Spanish TV Turns Tragic
[2007-11-30] More than 50 per cent of Australians have provided three or more types of personal details online to sites such as blogs, social networking sites, shopping or auction sites
[2007-11-30] Long-ignored wives poised for divorce, piece of the pension
[2007-11-30] Brits are being encouraged in a reality television show to consider arranged marriages
[2007-11-30] Fourteen thousand women are murdered in the Russian Federation each year by their intimate partners .
[2007-11-30] 60-plus women, who live a single life, feel happier and healthier than their male counterparts
[2007-11-30] What possesses so many middle-aged women to become modern Mrs Robinsons?
[2007-11-30] US residents spend around $500 million in 2005 on online dating. But what make the best online dating service?
[2007-11-30] A US company is poised to launch the world's first safe sex passport, aimed at giving users of dating and social networking websites extra "information protection"
[2007-11-30] 86 percent of singles would invite a significant other to spend the holidays with their family after dating less than one year. It is clear that our dating culture is in sync with today's fast-paced society
[2007-11-30] Anew online-dating site started by two Penn alumni, will aim to bring together young Latino professionals
[2007-11-30] Commitment is the key to keeping love alive.
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