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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-04-21] British Airways lowered its short-haul air-fares
[2006-04-21] British Airways to increase the fuel surcharges on its longhaul flights
[2006-04-20] Russia and EU to ease visa regulations
[2006-04-20] British Airways increased fuel surcharges on long-distance flights
[2006-04-20] Two foreign travellers may be able to continue their trip
[2006-04-19] New sight of Moscow - speaking bus stops
[2006-04-19] New attraction for tourists in St. Petersburg – Beer Festival
[2006-04-19] The guide for American tourists to improve the country’s image abroad
[2006-04-19] Walk Around the World Ended by Russian Red Tape
[2006-04-19] Free visas to Europe to be cancelled for Ukrainian citizens
[2006-04-18] In Moscow, protest over state's grip on media
[2006-04-18] Russia to toughen demands on alcoholic drinks
[2006-04-17] Russian Orthodox Church to open new churches abroad - patriarch
[2006-04-17] Russia, U.S. should revise dialogue
[2006-04-17] Russia to Simplify Access for Foreign Investments
[2006-04-14] American Airlines increased fuel surcharges on long-distance flights
[2006-04-14] Religious Liberties Not Suppressed in Russia— Vatican Ambassador
[2006-04-12] Aeroflot Transfers To Summer Schedule
[2006-04-12] British Airways to increase the number of Moscow-London flights
[2006-04-11] The New Regulations of US Customs and Immigration Control
[2006-04-11] British embassy to open New visa application processing centers in major 11 Russian cities
[2006-04-10] Airline passengers at Domodedovo face lie detector
[2006-04-10] Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow is improving
[2006-04-10] High-level clergyman concerned over distortion of Russia’s image
[2006-04-10] Vnukovo airport in Moscow informs passengers about weather
[2006-04-08] Internet domain names .eu open to the public
[2006-04-05] New express day train will run between Moscow and Kiev
[2006-04-05] What It Feels Like Being an Alien in Moscow
[2006-04-04] Television news differ from reality
[2006-04-04] Spring Shows the Ugly Side of Life
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