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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-02-02] Answering your letters
[2005-12-27] Our news
[2005-12-27] Answering your letters
[2005-12-27] Why don’t you give flowers to women?
[2005-12-19] Our news
[2005-12-19] Answering your letters
[2005-12-19] All about how to make Christmas merry!
[2005-12-03] Man, woman and telephone
[2005-12-03] Our news
[2005-12-03] Answering your letters
[2005-11-15] Does age matter?
[2005-11-15] Winter is coming to Russia | One more couple at our agency!
[2005-11-15] Answering your letters
[2005-10-31] Amazing facts
[2005-10-31] Answering your letters.
[2005-10-24] Why Feminism isn’t popular in Russia?
[2005-10-22] Time change for many of us!
[2005-10-17] What should you do if you have found your girl friends’ s profile on another Internet site?
[2005-10-17] Answering your letters
[2005-10-15] Don’t humiliate women!
[2005-09-16] Kazan changes telephone numbers | New service: ”I am feeling lucky!”
[2005-07-30] News of the site: new design, new function.
[2005-07-19] Just a bit of history: first lonely-hearts advertisement.
[2005-07-02] Ukraine simplifies visas for the U.S. citizens | Updating: Happy stories | The press about us: the Irish Wedding & New Homes
[2005-06-18] Wedding in July | Constitution Day in the Ukraine
[2005-06-06] Day of Independence | Testimonials: Guests from the past
[2005-05-21] Happy story: Larry+Elena
[2005-04-29] Easter | Kazan: Hotel reservation
[2005-04-02] We had an event! | The Ukraine opens its frontiers for the citizens of Euro Union
[2005-03-19] Day of Laughter | Testimonials: Don+Anna
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