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[2007-03-28] A married Singaporean woman who met a man in an online chatroom and conned him into giving her about $45,000 (23,105 pounds) after she promised to marry him, was jailed for six months on Monday, court documents showed.
[2007-03-28] Bride-To-Be Scammed Before Big Day
[2007-03-28] Know the signs of dating violence
[2007-03-28] The Dating Intelligence Agency
[2007-03-28] Woman develops Web site to bring singles of a certain age together
[2007-03-28] Top 10 bad reasons for Fast Food Dating using the web
[2007-03-28] Online Dating: Popular, but Perilous
[2007-03-28] Dating service questionnaire shows the plight of the state's singles, but experts suggest a fairly simple solution.
[2007-03-28] What role does alcohol play in your dating life?
[2007-03-28] TURKISH dating website, Canim-benim, have set their sights on storming America after registering 15000 cyber hits in less than three months.
[2007-03-28] Brief recap of how people rated the overall dating venues
[2007-03-28] Men's Health analyzed the outlook for singles in 101 cities across the U.S.
[2007-03-28] Top 10 bad reasons for using telephone chat lines
[2007-03-28] Check date's background online
[2007-03-28] A year after Raymond Merrill of San Bruno was slain after being lured to Brazil by a woman he met on the Internet, friends and family will celebrate the former carpenter and rock musician's life at a memorial service on Saturday
[2007-03-28] Older set hits singles scene
[2007-03-28] According to a 2004 estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 95.7 million unmarried and single Americans (age 15 and over)
[2007-03-28] There are loads of sexy chemicals involved in love and work.
[2007-03-28] NEARLY 3,000 Shanghainese tied the knot with people from 55 overseas countries and regions last year, growing 297 percent from a year earlier
[2007-03-28] Tears and a kiss as family says goodbye forever to bride crossing the great divide
[2007-03-28] 60 Years Ago Marriages with Foreigners Were Prohibited in Former USSR
[2007-03-28] Many singles are in no hurry to get hitched
[2007-03-28] Love is in the air: Middle-age techies ask romance experts for help
[2007-03-28] One of six men in Korea’s farming and fishing villages is now married to a Vietnamese woman
[2007-03-28] British men looking for love would rather find it with a Swede than with a woman of any other nationality, a new poll has shown.
[2007-03-28] Almost a million Brits are in long-distance relationships with lovers abroad
[2007-03-28] Constitutionality of International Marriage Broker Regulation Act Upheld
[2007-03-28] More than four out of 10 Korean grooms from rural areas married foreign brides last year
[2007-03-28] The number of marriages in Korea grew last year at its fastest rate in 10 years
[2007-03-28] The new generation of Yemenis is turning away from their conservative social habits and traditions
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