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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-12-18] Love knows no boundaries
[2006-12-18] What, and who, lies behind those beguiling personal ads?
[2006-12-18] Get out before you get hurt
[2006-12-18] Can you judge a man’s faithfulness by his face? How about whether he would be a good father, or a good provider?
[2006-12-18] Survey shows why people marry
[2006-12-18] Online marriages aren't made in heaven!
[2006-12-18] Dating service offers match made in the heavens
[2006-12-18] Love actually? Nothing works for me, so I bet on Fate
[2006-12-18] The London city is home to 300,000 former Soviet citizens, a third recent arrivals
[2006-12-18] Love Highland
[2006-12-16] Single, Female And 30 Something
[2006-12-16] Tips To Practice Online And “offline”
[2006-12-16] The Best Dating dvice You Will Ever Hear
[2006-12-16] Psychologists hear many secrets, but people don't like to reveal their online dating profiles - it appears too intimate to them
[2006-12-16] Russia quizzes anti-migrant leader on maiming remarks
[2006-12-16] The majority of Russian women prefers to make accent on eyes
[2006-12-16] Will a love of meat products and the Steelers bring these two Pittsburgh natives together?
[2006-12-16] New Web sites link single travelers on planes, taxis for the holiday rush
[2006-12-15] Tipsto Spot a Fake Internet Personal Profile
[2006-12-15] Tips To Identify And Avoid Online Dating Scams
[2006-12-15] Chinese citizens warned against online international marriage hoax
[2006-12-15] Fearless Internet Dating
[2006-12-15] Russian mafia uses internet to steal from nursing home
[2006-12-15] Rich history unfolds on a 10-day trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow by boat
[2006-12-14] Krasnoyarsk opens dating agency for animals
[2006-12-14] Benefits of Online Dating Services
[2006-12-14] The Dating Game
[2006-12-14] Who Are The People That Romance or Dating Scams Are Targeted At?
[2006-12-14] Slick scam artist takes local woman for US$5,000
[2006-12-14] Dating in the fast line
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