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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-07-13] Mail-order brides on hold waiting for new forms
[2006-07-13] US paperwork problem delays marriage visas
[2006-07-13] Putin Calls for Russians to Come Home
[2006-07-12] Groups seek limits on ‘damaging' ads for foreign brides
[2006-07-12] Marriage broker law seeks to protect readily exploited women
[2006-07-12] All you need is love… and an internet connection
[2006-07-11] Officials Warn Against Elderly Online Dating Scam
[2006-07-11] Runaway spouses get golden ticket
[2006-07-11] Mail-order brides on hold waiting for new forms
[2006-07-10] Cheeky bride ad leaves bad taste
[2006-07-10] Online Dating Services - How To Prepare a Great Profile and Get a Date on the Internet
[2006-07-10] Google online dating service: Google Romance for real?
[2006-07-10] July in Russian History
[2006-07-07] Pew Internet: Online Dating
[2006-07-07] Ukrainian gays demand rights
[2006-07-07] Professor Loses 540,000 Yuan In online dating scam
[2006-07-06] Top nine dating Web sites
[2006-07-06] Australian Online Dating Service launches new Anti-Fraud system
[2006-07-06] Kia's New Dating Service
[2006-07-06] Don’t Fall for the Cell Phone Dating Service Scheme -The FBI Reports
[2006-07-05] Online dating 'good for romance'
[2006-07-05] Online dating sites accused of deception
[2006-07-05] Dating Site Member Whitelists
[2006-07-05] Older Americans are rediscovering the fun and frustration of dating
[2006-07-05] Yahoo! sued by dating site over Google keywords
[2006-07-05] Dissatisfied client sues dating service
[2006-07-05] Divorcee sues a lonely hearts agency over her eight dire dates
[2006-07-05] Online dating secrets: Free dating myth and how does it work
[2006-07-04] Russian Email Habits
[2006-07-04] Myths and Realities of Russia's Population Crisis
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