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[2007-01-23] Older singles leading baby boom
[2007-01-22] Cybersex and soulmates
[2007-01-22] Destination weddings have become a hot trend. But before you fly off to that dream ceremony, make sure your paperwork is in order.
[2007-01-22] E-Pundits gaining popularity for matchmaking
[2007-01-22] Advice for choosing a marriage partner
[2007-01-22] Cupid weaves a tangled Web
[2007-01-22] Tips and tidbits for dating
[2007-01-22] Tips for matchmakers
[2007-01-22] Single Women Need to Understand That Many Are Alone Due to Commitment Anxiety
[2007-01-22] Most women live alone, but don’t even mention cats!
[2007-01-22] Why women are abandoning men
[2007-01-22] Marriage for its own sake? No
[2007-01-22] Are women giving up on marriage?
[2007-01-22] Married people are happier than unmarried people
[2007-01-22] Scottsdale man links Christian singles
[2007-01-22] Ross Gordon may be single, but he makes his living helping others find their soul mate.
[2007-01-22] Russian law affects EU tourists
[2007-01-22] Russian women earn 34% less than men
[2007-01-22] With honesty and timing, matchmaker can find you a perfect fit
[2007-01-20] Owner of Online Dating Firm Arrested for Sending 5.4 Billion Spam Emails
[2007-01-20] Finding a Boyfriend for My Vietnamese Mom -- Online
[2007-01-20] Alec Baldwin Considers Online Dating
[2007-01-20] Men over 40, start 'monkeying' around
[2007-01-20] Youth Supplement The Dating Game
[2007-01-20] For women, the single way is ever more likely
[2007-01-20] Married people are happier than unmarried people
[2007-01-20] Where To Meet Someone New To Date
[2007-01-20] Russia starts tough new migration rules
[2007-01-19] Men in nightclubs not interested in romance
[2007-01-19] When it comes to getting back into the dating “game” after being on the bench for a number of years, many older men fail to see their true selves, as they have evolved with age.
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