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Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-12-26] Alexander II Nikolayevich Romanov
[2006-12-26] Balakirev, Miliy
[2006-12-26] Chokhov, Andrey
[2006-12-26] Kremlin and Armory museum tour
[2006-12-26] Moscow city tour
[2006-12-26] Road wars: drivers versus pedestrians
[2006-12-26] Cars invaded Moscow: scientists beating the alarm
[2006-12-26] Comfortable Russia is not a Utopia
[2006-12-26] Fools and roads - traditional Russian problems
[2006-12-26] gives tips for camera-shy Web daters
[2006-12-25] Many migrant women in Korea scarred in broken marriages
[2006-12-25] Disillusioned Western men seek to Thai the knot
[2006-12-25] Strict scrutiny of matchmaking agencies urged
[2006-12-25] Siberia's disappearing languages underscore a chilling cultural shift
[2006-12-25] Singles link up to push for rights
[2006-12-23] Relationships and the holidays
[2006-12-23] What does being 'separated' mean?
[2006-12-22] Dating coach helps singles get centered
[2006-12-22] Signs of a Nigerian dating scammer
[2006-12-22] A Christmas Eve klatch
[2006-12-22] World in the Balance
[2006-12-22] New Turkish dating website
[2006-12-21] 12 Steps To Get Noticed And Get A Date Online
[2006-12-21] School puts brakes on speed dating venture
[2006-12-21] The Lure of a Foreign Bride
[2006-12-21] A study by a University of Virginia neuroscientist has revealed that happily married women who are feeling stress show recorded signs of immediate relief when they hold their husband’s hand, which brain scans could clearly identify.
[2006-12-21] Cafe Solstice: Place + Coffee = Love
[2006-12-21] Population of Russian Far East shrinking by almost 300 a day - envoy
[2006-12-21] Guidelines to Worry-Free Dating
[2006-12-21] Binge-drinking among women has doubled
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