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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-12-06] Russia police annually expose 100,000 drug crimes
[2006-12-06] At least 5 million women suffer from depression in Russia
[2006-12-06] Islam thrives as Russia's population falls
[2006-12-06] Top 10 Russophile Myths
[2006-12-06] Matchmaking methodology
[2006-12-06] You’re Beautiful
[2006-12-05] She is Cupid's first woman client
[2006-12-05] Is Dating Making You Crazy?
[2006-12-05] MDs make hearts flutter in the dating game
[2006-12-05] Russia holds beauty contest for pregnant women
[2006-12-05] Russia's Most Profitable Banks. Top 10
[2006-12-05] Russian Banks with the Largest Corporate Accounts. Top 10*
[2006-12-05] Russian Veteran Regional Leaders. Top 20
[2006-12-05] The 33 Officially Richest People in Russia
[2006-12-05] Ovulation makes women fall in love with machos
[2006-12-05] Russian men compare women drivers with monkeys
[2006-12-05] Ten things men hate about women
[2006-12-05] Beautiful girls make 5 mistakes that make them ugly and boring
[2006-12-05] Each of 7 million Russian alcoholics drinks 27 liters of alcohol a year
[2006-12-05] Feminism is a just a moth-eaten myth that destroys the cult of beauty
[2006-12-05] Migrants face new 'Britishness' test
[2006-12-05] Find the right match for online dating
[2006-12-05] Dating isn't a job interview -- unless you're a doctor
[2006-12-05] Singles Think True Love Is Hard to Find During the Holiday Season
[2006-12-04] Cambodian Brides in Taiwan Face Beating, Other Abuse
[2006-12-04] Single women ask 'Where have the good fellas gone?'
[2006-12-04] Federal report finds jump in stay-at-home mothers among households of all incomes
[2006-12-04] Single moms with no 'I do' in sight
[2006-12-04] Russian's Opinions on Russia
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