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[2006-10-26] Not too much sex please, we are still British you know
[2006-10-25] Online dating market has high potential
[2006-10-25] Thai Women Are Popular Choice In International Matchmaking Industry
[2006-10-25] Online Dates Led To Rape
[2006-10-25] Mail-order brides: get 'em while they're hot
[2006-10-25] Edinburgh is city for romance, according to survey
[2006-10-25] Schools May Offer More Single-Sex Classes Under New U.S. Regulations
[2006-10-25] Webquest to Debut Latest Online Dating, Relationships, Singles, and Personals Network
[2006-10-25] New law making it harder to get a 'mail-order bride'
[2006-10-25] Single-female vote targeted
[2006-10-24] World is full of more bachelors than ever
[2006-10-24] Horrors of the singles scene are unveiled in comical new book
[2006-10-24] Newlyweds face new problems; here’s how to solve them
[2006-10-24] Mobile dating grips Mizo youths
[2006-10-24] Marriage 'no longer relevant' say a third of women
[2006-10-23] Being single doesn't mean you're alone
[2006-10-23] 'Lord of the Ringtones' builds Kenyan empire
[2006-10-23] Free calls on Skype foster long-distance romance
[2006-10-23] The shadowy world of cybersex keeps getting weirder
[2006-10-23] For These Kids, Same-Sex Marriage Debate Is Personal
[2006-10-23] Fear still exists after abusive marriages end
[2006-10-23] Can't help not falling in love
[2006-10-23] Entrapment by mobile phone now available via website
[2006-10-21] Dating agency makes the first move towards more growth
[2006-10-21] More and more, technology is being used in Catholic life
[2006-10-21] Dating do's and donts
[2006-10-21] Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces
[2006-10-21] Brownback’s Internet-bride law makes sense
[2006-10-21] To Be Married Means to Be Outnumbered
[2006-10-21] Until death do us part—except every other Friday
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