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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

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Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-03-07] A jealous husband stabbed to death his estranged wife and her new boyfriend before setting fire to her home to cover his tracks, a court has heard.
[2007-03-07] The Senate budget committee Monday advanced a proposal to require online dating services to tell customers whether criminal background screenings are done of members using the site to look for dates
[2007-03-07] A North Yorkshire pensioner has set up an online dating agency for dogs.
[2007-03-07] Former Guelphite offers dating tips for women seeking a man's perspective to improve their chances
[2007-03-07] Trying to find a mate online? New data suggests that it’s harder for women than for men.
[2007-03-07] The youngest baby boomers will turn 43 this year and the oldest boomers just turned 60.
[2007-03-07] China may have to add brides to its imports
[2007-03-07] The media are flirting with arranged marriages, but young British Asians are less enamoured
[2007-03-07] For $49.95, learn what lurks in a would-be partner's past.
[2007-03-07] Being single has advantages for women
[2007-03-07] They've cracked the glass ceiling, but can't find a man
[2007-03-07] How can anyone justify Islam's treatment of women, when it imprisons Afghans under blue shuttlecock burqas and makes Pakistani girls marry strangers against their will?
[2007-03-07] Modern Russian women prefer to give birth to their first child at an older age, while modern Russian babies are larger than before
[2007-03-07] Former office manager at a Beverly law firm has pleaded guilty to stealing more than 500-thousand dollars from the company.
[2007-03-05] Are Japanese women losing their international appeal?
[2007-03-05] What’s with men who date only younger women?
[2007-03-05] A former office manager pleaded guilty yesterday to stealing more than $500,000 from the Beverly law firm where she worked, money she used to help start an adult-oriented dating Web site and take a trip to Disney World.
[2007-03-05] Local group battling decline in membership
[2007-03-05] UMES portrait exhibit celebrates International Women's Month
[2007-03-03] Marriage-for-visa scam
[2007-03-03] Starting new relationships for seniors
[2007-03-03] Americans have become less likely to marry
[2007-03-03] Practical steps to ignite, or keep that spark, in your relationship
[2007-03-03] The number of marriages in UK in 2005 was 283,730, the lowest since 1896
[2007-03-03] American women today discover a new freedom: they have several more decades of active life, they are financially independent, and they can do practically anything they want with that time and money
[2007-03-02] And he likes horses too
[2007-03-02] Being single can be just as fulfilling as being part of a couple
[2007-03-02] Compared with the usual tendering route, speed-dating concept offers very good value.
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Fatima
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Tatarstan
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