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[2006-11-30] Who wants to marry an Iowa farmer?
[2006-11-30] New start hard for Russian immigrants
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[2006-11-30] Russian Women & The Photoshop Scam
[2006-11-29] 1 in 5 men classed as excessive drinkers
[2006-11-29] Immigration files missing
[2006-11-29] Women want a woman president
[2006-11-29] Rich look for their mate on love boat
[2006-11-29] Adolescents and dating violence
[2006-11-29] Users Complain About Dangerous Match-Ups, Scams
[2006-11-29] Jilted Bride: Scammer Groom Stole My $300K
[2006-11-29] Online love triangle led to Dynabrade worker's deat
[2006-11-29] Internet makes it easy to find a date, romance
[2006-11-29] Online Dating: Truth Beyond the Misconceptions
[2006-11-29] Southeast of Finland wants more Russian immigrants
[2006-11-29] Helen Mead on Monday
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[2006-11-29] Pragmatism trumps dating stereotypes
[2006-11-29] Internet dating often too good to be true, singles say
[2006-11-29] Can money buy love?
[2006-11-27] Women still have to fight for room at the top
[2006-11-27] Rich cruise for marriage on boat
[2006-11-27] Forbidden Desires
[2006-11-27] Ten young foreigners married to much older Malaysian men have been detained for illegally working in karaoke joints
[2006-11-27] What exactly is ‘dating allowance’ and just what is it supposed to pay for?
[2006-11-27] The world wide web of relationships
[2006-11-27] Our society needs the glue of marriage
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