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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-05-19] An online fraud investigation by the RCMP has led to the arrest of two men
[2007-05-19] Beauty Secrets of European Women
[2007-05-18] Easy ways to have a flourishing relationship under all circumstances.
[2007-05-17] Members of this dating site can literally quiz prospective dates before even communicating with them
[2007-05-17] AFTER more than two years of disheartening online dating single woman resolved to spend less time pursuing men and more time pursuing her hobbies
[2007-05-17] Dating is no party
[2007-05-17] You think the dating scene can be cold and unforgiving? It may not be half as frosty as the tempestuous relationship between two of the biggest players in the online dating business.
[2007-05-17] Still single? Maybe you should move. Here are the top hot spots if you're looking for love -- or at least someone to like.
[2007-05-17] Kissing beats sex?
[2007-05-17] How to love and respect your husband
[2007-05-17] Intercultural platform Kif Kif will be launching the first Flemish dating website for people of minority background this autumn.
[2007-05-17] Unique marriage proposal idea
[2007-05-17] Online sting operation aimed to catch sexual predators is complete
[2007-05-17] Reasons we need marriage
[2007-05-16] Online Dating 'Match' Was Married
[2007-05-16] 80 percent of single adults between the ages of 30 and 59 agree that a partner's commitment to the environment is important to enduring, romantic relationships.
[2007-05-16] A national online dating-style website to help workers find job-share partners would help close the gender pay gap, a parliamentary committee has been told.
[2007-05-16] Imported Muslim brides
[2007-05-16] Popularity of Internet dating sites grows
[2007-05-16] Keep long-distance relationships
[2007-05-16] Keep long-distance relationships
[2007-05-14] More than a third of single women plan to keep their maiden name when they get married and seven per cent of married women refuse to take their husband's name.
[2007-05-14] I want a family. If I get sick, I need someone to take over the farm. My wife needs to be of child-bearing age: between 25 and 40."
[2007-05-14] Sometimes the most interesting read in a newspaper is the "Personals" section of the classifieds.
[2007-05-14] The potential dangers of finding love on the internet have been highlighted after it emerged a convicted paedophile from the Black Country posted his details on a dating website
[2007-05-14] More than a dozen men and women were suspected of arranging or participating in marriages with Bulgarians to help the foreigners evade U.S. immigration laws
[2007-05-14] Beware the mysterious online dating guru
[2007-05-14] Does online dating misleading as a darkened barroom?
[2007-05-14] 13 A bitter feud has broken out among several U.S. online dating Web sites over the issue of rejecting applicants.
[2007-05-14] More and more, people are passing by bars and restaurants in favor of coffee shops for their first dates. It's the new hot date spot.
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