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[2007-06-06] A Russian citizen, who is married to a Nawanshahr resident, in a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner alleged that she feared threat to her life from her husband, who has remarried and has been living with his second wife in Chandigarh.
[2007-06-06] Russian Drinks
[2007-06-06] If you want to help the poor, promote marriage.
[2007-06-05] About 20 percent of high school girls have reported being physically or sexually abused by a dating partner
[2007-06-05] Advantages of being single
[2007-06-05] In 2006 Germans spent 65.6 million Euros in order to find a mate on the internet
[2007-06-05] IceBreaker raises $7.2 million, brings online dating to cell phones
[2007-06-04] Beware of credit card foreign transaction fees
[2007-06-04] The former East Germany is being drained of young women, leaving an underclass of disillusioned young men behind
[2007-06-04] A Vietnamese woman is challenging the widely held idea among Taiwanese that all Southeast Asian wives are poor women with low education.
[2007-06-04] A Vietnamese woman married to a Taiwanese man is challenging the widely held perception among Taiwanese that Southeast Asian wives are poor women with poor education who can hardly speak Mandarin.
[2007-06-04] When it comes to dating, listen to your gut instinct, not your heart. Your gut tries to protect you from getting hurt, your heart has no clue what it is doing
[2007-06-04] In the Russian Federation, 69% of men smoke daily, a level that is by far the highest in the WHO European Region, where on average 40% of men smoke daily.
[2007-06-01] Midlifers have become the fastest-growing segment of the online dating world
[2007-06-01] The popular online dating service eHarmony was sued Thursday for refusing to offer its services to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals
[2007-06-01] For many middle-aged single women in the Kingdom, the qualifications, age and background of prospective husbands are not important
[2007-06-01] Last year women brands spent $1,5 mln on online ads in Russia
[2007-06-01] The current practice of helping Tawian citizens find foreign spouses through commercial operations will be outlawed soon
[2007-05-31] How to avoid marrying a jerk
[2007-05-31] Forget the oligarchs, no one is attracted to money like the new army of Russian beauties taking over London
[2007-05-31] 6 principles of positive relationships
[2007-05-31] Britain's 13 million single people are more stressed out by loneliness than credit card debt, work pressures and global warming
[2007-05-30] Single Australians found 67 per cent of smokers believed kicking the habit would increase their chances of finding a partner.
[2007-05-30] Single wine lovers was brought together through a parallel online dating site.
[2007-05-30] How to attract women easily with these timeless da
[2007-05-30] Use This Free Method to Meet Women
[2007-05-30] The Myths Regarding Expensive Dating
[2007-05-30] Dating/relationships & Independence: Women Over 40
[2007-05-30] Words of Advice on Dating Online
[2007-05-30] The Basics About Yahoo Online Dating
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