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[2007-01-29] Money talk is vital in marriage
[2007-01-29] Dating traps: The `it's time' trap
[2007-01-29] 51 percent of American women are living without a spouse has demographers, statisticians and politicians pondering the whys and what ifs
[2007-01-29] About 70 percent of African-American women do not live with a spouse
[2007-01-27] Charms of Nashville rate it as a top location for singles
[2007-01-27] YooMedia moves into social networks with dating site
[2007-01-27] Help for bullied brides
[2007-01-27] Online Dating Dangers
[2007-01-27] An unprecedented number of new dating books make men look stupid.
[2007-01-27] Scots women drinking more than ever as liver disease cases double
[2007-01-27] Things have changed for single women
[2007-01-27] JumpStart is playing matchmaker.
[2007-01-27] Man uses single women to cash fake checks
[2007-01-27] Speed dating gives singles a chance to test-drive a dozen or so potential dates in one evening.
[2007-01-26] Truth and lies about men's basic instincts
[2007-01-26] Farmers don't want to be left on shelf
[2007-01-26] Advice to the Unsuspecting Lovelorn, Whether or Not It's Been Solicited
[2007-01-26] Business helps people find love
[2007-01-26] In Iraq, marriage can be forever or for a few minutes
[2007-01-26] Facebook presents new elements to dating, privacy
[2007-01-26] Many Russian Women Drink During Pregnancy
[2007-01-26] If your marriage survives January, you'll stay married all year
[2007-01-26] If you want love in your life, you need to create the right conditions to attract it
[2007-01-26] Make your dating profile professional
[2007-01-26] Russians suffer from no winter and gloomy autumn depression
[2007-01-26] Women misinterpret results of sexual revolution to their own detriment
[2007-01-26] Men go fishing when their sex life declines
[2007-01-25] Kissing is Acceptable While Dating According To Poll
[2007-01-25] How To Tell If The Website Is Genuine
[2007-01-25] 13 Tips To Write A Winning Online Profile And Attract A Date
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