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[2007-10-05] Married couples live longer, enjoy better health and can rely on more home care in old age than their divorced, widowed, single and cohabiting peers.
[2007-10-05] Married parents could soon be in a minority, for a new report has suggested a 65 per cent increase in couples who live together but are not married.
[2007-10-05] Has Moore's Law Accelerated the Mating Process Too?
[2007-10-05] The average Briton may spend £1,569 on their loved-one, but for 5.9 million people this is simply not enough.
[2007-10-05] What are today's young, single women driving?
[2007-10-05] Now, you can use your high-speed Internet connection for some high-speed dating
[2007-10-05] A marriage-preparation course aims to point the way to healthy unions
[2007-10-05] In every relationship there are different personalities and family backgrounds of the two people involved, and these aspects will inevitably affect how the relationship develops.
[2007-10-05] While Indians turn increasingly to dating as a means of finding their spouse, the West, ironically, is turning to arranged marriages, as several of them see the defects of the dating system.
[2007-10-05] If you are longing to meet someone you've been chatting to online or you've got your first date lined up, make sure you follow these basic guidelines.
[2007-10-05] A new online dating service believes you can determine the love of your life after a three-minute video chat.
[2007-10-05] Many men have an interesting internal conflict about the topic of first date sex.
[2007-10-05] The Meet Market, hosted by radio station 107.9 The End, is an event for local singles to mingle.
[2007-10-05] The laws of economics apply to everything from the "pull" factor of your online dating profile to whether or not you can get away with scarfing down the very last scoop of guacamole at a party.
[2007-10-05] Baltimore blogger Linds details the problems she had with getting her money back from a dating site after not finding love on their site.
[2007-10-05] Have you ever had a date that has gone horribly wrong? A new Web site will allow people to share their bad experiences -- and possibly to fall in love.
[2007-10-05] German politician Gabriele Pauli has called for an amendment in law to require the automatic dissolve of all marriages after seven years.
[2007-10-05] Stupid cupid. It shot itself with its own arrow.
[2007-10-05] ONLINE dating sites are full of pictures of glamorous guys and gals - but The Sun’s own offering, Sun Singles, wants to liven things up.
[2007-10-05] A 31-year-old computer expert is believed to have lured at least 100 women on the pretext of marrying them but later absconding with their savings.
[2007-10-05] A new study reveals that the ability to detect a certain male hormone in sweat is genetic. What that tells us about the science of smell—and why some women like sweaty men.
[2007-10-05] Nearly 40 million people around the world currently use mobile phone dating services,
[2007-10-05] Despite a slight rise in the number of people taking part in a practice-run marriage, most 20-somethings are still shunning the first marriage in favour of the non-marriage divorce.
[2007-10-02] It's good to be picky --very picky
[2007-10-02] What people look for in a marriage partner
[2007-10-02] Better to celebrate than commiserate
[2007-10-02] It takes a strong woman to be needy
[2007-10-02] 60 Seconds to a better relationship
[2007-10-02] And baby makes ... trouble
[2007-10-02] A divorce vaccine
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