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[2006-12-08] Are you a serial dater?
[2006-12-08] You’re out of town on business, far away from home, meeting a new client over drinks
[2006-12-08] Everything old is new again
[2006-12-08] Body language
[2006-12-08] A couple's money style reveals a lot about what's going on in a relationship.
[2006-12-08] Some men are clueless on how to behave
[2006-12-08] Why are there so many attractive, intelligent, powerful, successful women without dates nowadays?
[2006-12-08] Don't waste your time on 'frogs' -- they'll never turn into a prince
[2006-12-08] When you’re down on your dating luck, sometimes drastic measures are called for.
[2006-12-08] Edmontonian had 400 first dates and lived to tell the harrowing tale
[2006-12-08] Dating frustrates whether in Maine or New York City
[2006-12-07] Gathering for singles with purpose
[2006-12-07] Number of couples living together skyrocketed since 1970
[2006-12-07] Match made in heaven
[2006-12-07] Sex sting nets 6 more
[2006-12-07] Russia's Energy Resources
[2006-12-07] Being gay is faddish in today’s Russia
[2006-12-07] How I Came to Love the Veil
[2006-12-07] Tell Me About It: Rushed romance doesn't feel right
[2006-12-07] Teen Times: Different cultures have different dating expectations
[2006-12-07] How to Check Your Online Date’s Honesty
[2006-12-07] More Dating Choices Than Ever Before
[2006-12-07] Why are all the good guys already taken? Why are my friends' husbands all such wonderful people, and the guys I meet all seem to be missing something?
[2006-12-06] Russian women taking ‘bitchology’ lessons!
[2006-12-06] Russian women take to the wheel with a vengeance
[2006-12-06] Free incoming calls in Russia welcomed by users
[2006-12-06] What to prepare for before tying the knot
[2006-12-06] Russian women taught how to get their man
[2006-12-06] Russia Sees 5 Million Legal Abortions Annually, 120K Women Injured
[2006-12-06] Fight sex slavery
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