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Since the 1st of April the Russian air company Ural Airlines introduces a new sub-class for the just married. Tickets for the love-class flights can be bought only if the couple holds a certificate of marriage registration.

Date: 2008-04-04

The so-called love-class area aboard plane is separated from the
business and economy classes with a cover and is equipped with special seats
that have a bigger inclination angle than the standard passenger seats. The
couple will also have a personal steward coming by a signal of the
call-button. Besides, love-class flights allow taking 30% more liquids
aboard in hand luggage. It is also said that love-class tickets return is
possible only if the couple provides a bill of divorce.

In order to avoid inconveniences, all other passengers of Ural
Airlines are provided with a kit of things for private usage that were
earlier available only to business-class passengers. According to the
airline stewards, ear plugs were the most popular item of the business-class


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