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Paper marriage reveals bride's fraud

Date: 2008-04-04

NRI 'grooms' from Punjab are not alone in committing matrimonial
frauds, foreign-settled 'brides' are also closely following them in this
dubious distinction.

After two recent instances of fraud by NRI grooms whose attempts for
second marriage had gone awry at the last minute, in Doaba region - which
boasts of having maximum NRIs - an interesting case of 'paper marriage'
fraud by a Canada-based girl has come to light.

The girl allegedly took Rs 8 lakh from a Sarinh resident promising him
safe passage to Canada after the paper marriage. Amandeep Singh of Nakodar
sub-division had a strong desire to settle abroad and, while looking for
options to make his dream come true his family stumbled upon a proposal from
a Canada-based girl that she would marry him on 'papers only' and would take
him there.

"The deal was struck at Rs 8 lakh," said Amandeep here on Tuesday in
presence of Lok Bhalai Party president Balwant Singh Ramoowalia.

As per the pact, it was clear that except on papers there would be no
relationship between the two. The court marriage was solemnized around six
months back and the money was also paid to the girl.

"After flying back, she initially maintained contact and assured that
she would soon arrange for his travel, but later on her tone changed and it
was made clear that we had almost lost the money," Amandeep revealed.

The girl's parents were also settled abroad while one of her brothers
was living here.

However, the family was just to have recovered Rs 5 lakh from the girl
after some members of a social organisation intervened.

"The family approached us and we told her relatives in clear terms
that she could not go unpunished as the victim would lodge a complaint with
the police. It was only after some tough talking that she agreed to pay Rs 5
lakh to which the family of the boy also agreed," revealed Ramandeep Singh
Bharowal, LBP general secretary.

Meanwhile, Ramoowalia also handed over Rs 2 lakh to Harvinder Singh of
village Latheri in district Ropar, who was duped to the tune of Rs 11 lakh
by a Chandigarh-based woman travel agent for sending him to Canada four
years back.

After the intervention of LBP, she agreed to return the money in
instalments. Three other such victims of fraud were also handed over money
in the last few months.


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