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Russian Brides - A Dress for One Day

Russian brides strive to find bridal fashions of elegance, taste and beauty. At its highest fashion approaches the level of art. Fashion cannot follow the tastes or dictates of one person. Bridal fashion is different from conventional fashion in that bridal fashion is anchored to tradition and history. For some time Russian brides have preferred ruches, bows and flowers which were so popular in the 18th century. Bridal fashion conquers all by its aristocracy; it is the senior goddess of fashion Olympus.

However, this summer offers new trends in bridal dresses. Some Russian brides prefer retro style; this is a style characterized by the puffy dresses of the 18th -19th century. Transparent materials, metal insets and handmade embroidery give a bridal dress a special grace and beauty. Vanguard fashion is actively creating something different. Their new line may feature bridal mini dresses and very possibly they will be popular in a couple of years.

Bridal designers have never stopped their attempts to make their names famous by gaining a victory over traditional bridal fashion. The bridal dress is the gem of every collection and is presented annually to skeptical audiences. And in spite of the fact that a bridal dress must maintain tradition it must also have some new trendy details every year. Russian brides can always see new variations and that is good because each Russian bride is different and wants to look unique in the most important day of her life. This is also applies to the clothes chosen for a Russian bride's honeymoon. And even if a Russian bride prefers a completely classical style, she will find many beautiful dresses every season.

White is not the only possible color for a bridal dress. Bridal designers offer red, pink, light blue and lilac. Everything depends on the preferences and tastes of Russian brides. Some collections present bright red dresses with open shoulders and puffy long skirts. If a bride has a beautiful bust this dress is for her.

But if Russian brides really want their dresses to be unique they make them themselves. For the bride the process is exciting because they can realize all their fantasies and ideas. Of course it takes more time but the result can be quite rewarding. First do-it-yourself Russian brides need to choose a design, and then the material. Relatives and girl-friends of a bride usually take part in this creative project. They look through bridal fashion magazines, choose a dress or select details from various dresses they like and then create their own design for the bridal dress. They can order a dress from a fashion designer or sew it themselves if they have the required seamstress skills. Choosing this option Russian brides are able to not only save money but to enjoy the creative process as well. In old times all Russian brides sewed their own bridal dresses themselves. They decorated them with special patterns that had magic powers and protected them from a bridal curse and evil in their marriage.

In Russia summer is the time of weddings. If the groom chooses a traditional black suit, a bride should be in white. But otherwise a white wedding dress is not an unshakable dogma of bridal fashion. Indeed, in this new Russia a Russian bride is allowed to choose any wedding fashion design that makes her happier. Even if a Russian bride were to wear a very simple dress made of white satin, silk or taffeta without any cool details, she would be more fascinating than if she wore a fabulously expensive dress from a famous couturier if she projects an aura of happiness.

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