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Russian Brides and their Happy Day

Two happy parts of one heart…. two wedding rings, two figures whirling in a dance. Yes, a Russian brides fairy tale wedding can be so beautiful. Many will contend that an elaborate pompous wedding is an unreasonable waste of money. But feelings cannot be explained by words. Those who will never wear a bridal dress cannot understand it. Every Russian woman has a right to at least one fabulous day in her life! And a wedding often becomes that day. Most Russian brides share the same feelings about this event.

How are modern weddings arranged? And what are the main components of a successful wedding that will make the wedding unforgettable to the Russian bride and groom and their guests. Every couple seeks their own unique experience. Most Russian brides say that their wedding was the happiest day in their lives. It was a wonderful fairy tale! It was a breathtaking and fabulous holiday that can only be experienced once in life!

And even small funny misadventures that occur in almost all weddings to not seem to bother to participate. The best man fainted while ransoming a bride, a groom forgot a bouquet, a couple arrived late, the registration office was nearly closed, or the salads at the reception in the restaurant were sour. Despite all these small things guests are usually pleased and newly married couples were usually happy. What do small inconveniences matter in such a momentous occasion? After all, they all contribute charming features to the foundation of a funny, charming Russian bridal story.

Many Russian brides believe that it is very important to prepare for their wedding together with their betrothed. It brings them closer and the day is not forgotten! A Russian bride and groom describe to each other how they see this day and try to realize each other's dreams. Shared emotions strengthen a couple, and a wedding is a unique occasion for shared emotional experiences. But what makes a wedding different from an ordinary party? Of course, it is Love. Love and romance are the main ingredients for a successful wedding. It is easy to recognize when newlyweds truly love each other, and when they do happy emotions are triggered in the guests and this makes everybody shine with joy and happiness.

Russian brides need to smile and be happy. They need to postpone analysis of all events that may have happened during their wedding day until later. Smiles and a kiss will melt the heart of a Russian bride's mother-in-law forever and she will shed a few tears when she calls her "mom".

What to make of omens and the advice from grandma? Most Russian brides claim that they do not believe in bridal omens but as a kind of insurance to guarantee the success of their marriage they will follow certain "rules".

A groom should not see a Russian bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. No one should cross the road in front of a newly married couple. It is considered a bad omen to drop the rings or mix them; the best man and the bridesmaid should not be married or divorced.

But of course only the magic of love can be the main guarantor of success. A wedding is a difficult, but important event. It sets a foundation for the future and becomes a starting point of family life and the first page of the family album. A romantic story that Russian brides will tell their children and their children's children.

Many Russian brides want a charming but unique wedding, a day that they will never forget. Other Russian brides who cannot allow themselves such a grand party believe even a very modest celebration will be unforgettable. The main thing is for the couple to love each other and give joy to each other.

All Russian brides discuss with their fiances the kind of wedding they want. Some may decide on an extreme wedding such as a wedding while sky-diving with a parachute, or a wedding on the top of a mountain far from civilization, or a village wedding with crowds of people and a wedding night in the hayloft. It is up to the bride and groom to decide. Most couples, of course, opt for a traditional wedding. But regardless of the setting, place or style, it is the destination that matters most -- a happy marriage.

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