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Russian Brides Cosmetics

A wedding is a great event and all Russian brides want to be irresistible at their bridal festivities. Most Russian brides know that wedding photos last a long time and are usually passed on to future generations. That is why they prefer to use the services of a professional makeup artist. Make-up is just as important as a wedding dress and must highlight the bride's individuality and charm. A wedding celebration is an all day event and if a bride needs to withdraw away in order to refresh her makeup, it contributes to additional stress and nervousness.

A professional makeup artist can help make a bride beautiful for the most important day of her life. They know that the bride's makeup must be coordinated with the bride's wedding dress. Well applied makeup will enhance her individuality. An original and stylish hairstyle done is a crucial element of a bride's wedding persona. It is essential in order to frame her natural beauty and the handiwork of a good makeup artist.

A wedding is a bridal tale for a lifetime of memories. The bridal dress usually very elaborate and consists of many nuances and details. But makeup should be delicate, lightly applied and not over stated. Traditionally Russian brides seek to present an image of youthfulness, romanticism and refinement.

In order for a bride to play her role properly it is important that she feels like she looks her best. In future years, when friends and relatives look at her wedding photographs she wants them to see her at her very best. She will want to make sure that her makeup enhances all of her best features and minimizes her worst features. Makeup application for this special event will most likely be a little different than her average makeup day.

Since every Russian bride is different, she will want to undergo a couple of practice makeovers to see what she likes best. Cosmetic counters in most department stores have makeup artists that can be very instructive. A bride can even make an appointment with one of them to test various styles and cosmetic products for free. These artists can offer advice on what will look good with her complexion and hair and how to really make her best features pop. If she really likes how a certain artist does her makeup, she might consider hiring this artist for her wedding day and bridals. It is her special day and professional help will bring peace of mind. She will be reasonably confident that a professional is going to do her makeup exactly how she wants it.

If a Russian bride chooses to do her own makeup, she will definitely want to invest in some good foundation. The right foundation is very important in creating an even glow to her skin. A liquid foundation tends to work best. Since she will probably be wearing white, she will definitely not want makeup rubbing off on her dress all day long. And even though it might be necessary to touch up her makeup at least once during the long day, she does not want to have to worry about it all day long. The right foundation can help keep everything set without giving her that oily look. Foundation should be half transparent and should be applied to the face, neck and décolleté to avoid a sharp border between her face and neck contour. Pastel eye shadows and mascara are enough for the eyes. Liner is used only for visual correction of the eye's shape. It is better to use gray or brown liner, not black liner. Lipstick should approximate the bride's natural color. Pink, beige or peach lipstick might be chosen depending on the bride's eyes and hair color. Lip glitter should also be used.

Russian brides usually have high cheekbones which might be touched up with a very little pink rouge or a bit of darker powder. If the bride's lips are too thin or thick it is better to draw a new artificial line 1-2 mm away from the natural line, and then subdue it with some powder and the use of lipstick.

Naturally all Russian brides want and expect to look their best on their wedding day. And, quality makeup, well applied, helps her look her best and feel her best for that special day of future memories.

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