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On July 26, 2007, the Government of Ukraine published an amendment to its
immigration law. The amendment is called Resolution 917 and contains
several provisions, only one of which appears to affect U.S. citizens. The
verbatim English translation of the relevant provision of the Resolution is
as follows:
"'Registration is done for short term visits - for foreigners and
stateless persons from countries which have visa regime - for the duration
of the visa, but for no more than 90 days, unless otherwise stipulated by
the international treaties; for foreigners and stateless persons from
countries with a visa free regime - for the period of up to 90 days during a
180 day period, unless otherwise stipulated by the international treaties;
after Ukraine's entry into WTO - for foreigners and stateless persons from
WTO member-countries - for no more than 180 days during a year.'
"On its face, this would seem to have two primary effects on travel in
Ukraine for U.S. citizens:
"1) For visa-free travel, travelers will only be allowed to spend 90 out of
every 180 days in Ukraine. People wishing to stay longer should consider
applying for a visa.
"2) For travelers with visas, it appears that registration with the
Government of Ukraine will now be required after 90 days of stay, as opposed
to 180 days before the Resolution.
"The exact manner of implementation of these changes has not been
explained to the Embassy by the Government of Ukraine. The Embassy will
seek clarification and will announce any new information we receive via this
same channel.
"The United States Embassy is not an authoritative source for translation
or interpretation of Ukrainian law. If you have specific questions on how
this law will affect you, you should contact your nearest Office of
Citizenship, Migration and Registration of the Ministry of the Interior in
Ukraine, or the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate if you are outside

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