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It was a wish come true when he married a mail-order Vietnamese bride through a match-making agency here

Date: 2007-08-29

Van driver Yoon Chee Weng, 45, was ecstatic when Tran Thi Cam Huang, 30, became pregnant some months after their marriage last November.

However, his happiness was short-lived and it also left him RM25,000 poorer.

His pregnant wife has allegedly fled the country.

Duped: Yoon showing a picture of his Vietnamese wife who allegedly fled the country at the press conference in Ipoh.
Relating his plight yesterday, Yoon said he paid the agency RM16,300 to secure a meeting with Tran Thi.

They got married on Nov 20 but trouble began a week later when she complained of loss of appetite and feeling unwell.

“She asked for a few thousand ringgit to return to Vietnam to pray for the death of a monk, who used to look after her.

“She said if she did not go back by Dec 5, she would never get well,” Yoon told a press conference organised by Perak DAP publicity secretary Wong Kah Woh.

Yoon did not give her the money because medical check-ups at the Ipoh Hospital found that there was nothing wrong with his wife.

During Chinese New Year, Tran Thi again asked for money and a plane ticket so that she could return to take care of her mother.

“I banked in US$500 (RM1,750) into her mother’s account but Tran Thi claimed that her mother did not receive it,” Yoon said.

On June 3, Yoon relented and allowed his wife, then two months’ pregnant, to return home for a month to see her mother.

“I gave her US$1,000 (RM3,500) but after one month, she called and told me her documents had been stolen.

“I told her to buy another ticket but she did not. She also told me that the foetus was not well,” said Yoon.

“I don’t know where to find her and I have already spent at least RM25,000 on her,” said Yoon, adding that others should be careful when marrying mail-order brides.

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