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Increase your chances to find a Russian wife by 100%

When I am asked how to increase your chances to find a Russian wife, a Russian proverb always comes across my mind: “Water never flows under lying stone”. You also have similar sayings in your culture such as “No pain, no gains”. The experience of many generations is encoded in this simple but capacious phrase.

You can sit at the road and wait when She (your future Russian wife) passes by. You can sit like this all your life!

Another option is action.

Let’s go from abstract to real. My first example is about people who place their ads at Dating Services and wait for answers. Let leave them sitting and wish them good luck, although I don’t think they will not need it. What does it mean and why not?

When we are talking about International Dating Services, action means writing letters: many letters!!!!

What the person, who writes to one girl only, differs from our example? The only difference is that he dares speak with only one passing by girl. But this way reduces your chances for good result. Here are examples from my experience:

Andrew had a correspondence with one girl only, but after the first date he realized that they didn’t suit each other. Andrew wasted half of the year of his life, not talking about money.

Bob corresponded with only one woman, but her ex husband put obstacles and didn’t let her son move to live in USA. The relations stopped.

Colin wrote to a lady who found a man in Russia while corresponding with him. Yes! Not all Russian men are drunkards! :-) And besides they have very important benefit: they are closer! That’s why you can’t ignore this fact too.

Dave had been looking through our catalogue for quite a long time to find his only one. He had been corresponding with her for three months, but she chose another man. Our women also know the secret and try to write to many men in order not to loose their chance!

I can give many examples, but it’s obvious: at the very beginning of your search for a Russian wife write more first letters and widen the circles of your acquaintances. Someone will answer, someone will refuse, and some one will write such a boring letter that makes your cheekbones ache. Someone will reply with three sentences only and someone will send a real photos and then… someone will cheat you, someone will turn out to be awful bore, someone will love cats, but you have an allergy…But if you give up, then you will never meet that only one, which is created especially for you. Your destined Russian wife who will take the hint in spite of the language difference, whose hand you want to held forever, who will give a new sense to your life and become your whole life.

Perhaps she is 131, or 45 or 238 in your list. Do you think she has a lot of chances to become the first in the list? Can it be: you write to the first girl and “Hop” you got into 10!?

No, guys, such things happen only in the cinema. You should be just like a hammer: write, write, write! And then you will find a brilliant in sand, your Russian wife which only you deserve!

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