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For those who prefer to sit on the road and wait (naked truth about men profiles on russian dating sites)

I placed my ad as an experiment on several Russian dating sites ( few of them were very famous) under the name of a 57 years old amercian man. I even did not add any pictures to my profile. I got so many letters on the first day. And most of those women were 20-30 years younger.  My head began to spin :-), If not the one thing! I will tell you where those letters came from.


When a lady comes to the Agency, she fills the application form and she also writes the first formal letter to a foreigner:


“Hello, - she writes –

Dear …, My name is Elena, (for example), I am 30 years old and live in some city N (let say) and other information from her profile.

I want to correspond with you. Looking forward to hear form you soon,



As a rule such  standard or formal letters takes several lines. I am sure you recognized it :-) So you place your ad and the managers of the Russian dating agency attack you just like “a fishermen a Golden fish”.


They look through their catalogue and send standard letters by themselves. They choose ladies according to the preferences you indicated you in your ad or according to lady’s preferences.


Do you really think that 80 women reply you on the first day? Ha-ha! Do you know how many days will pass until she can really reply to your AD? Much more than 1 or 2. First of all the managers from the dating agency must get in touch with the ladies, then they need to come to the office to look at your AD and write a letter. Often they write a letter and at home and afterwards must bring the messages to the office again. Then it is translated, typed and sent to you. This is the way it should be in reality. But in fact, women even don’t know whom the managers send their first letters to. But if you write to her, then she may be will be informed that you write to her personally :-). But in worst cases the managers of the dating agency tell the lady that they will be sending out introduction letters on her behalf. And both sides are happy. Agency takes your money for letters and translations and the lady don't need to bother, write personal letters and come to the agency.


Ok, I have just revealed the biggest secret of most dating services. Of course we don’t work in such a way. You can check it :-) If you place an ad in our web site them your mailbox will not be full of letters in the first day, because we don’t interfere in relations, but only give a chance. If your profile arises someone’s interest then you will get her letter. But you can’t rely on this method only, you need to take initiative and write more first letters. This is what I have told you about earlier and then you will have more chances!


 If you ever receive such introduction letter from beautiful and much younger Russian woman, remember that story of mine, most probably she has no idea about a letter "she wrote you". Young and beautiful have enough introduction letters from interetsed men and don't have time to write somebody else. Men catalogue only for women with low chances, mature, with children or bad pictures and etc.

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