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Exclusive Dating Club Opens Office In Palm Beach

Date: 2007-05-08

A national matchmaking service is opening a new office to help South Florida singles find loving millionaires.

Reality shows such as "The Bachelor" are just one example of the lengths people will go to find love these days. But Local 10's Jen Herrera reported that for men who want to make a connection with this service, dating is worth a million bucks, literally.

Nearly 25,000 women were recruited to date the men of The Millionaire's Club, and more will be coming out of Palm Beach, said CEO Julia EriksonErickson said the men's requirements to join the exclusive club are simple.

"First of all they must be successful. We are the Millionaire's Club so they must have a net worth of a $1 million and they must be serious looking for a real relationship," said Erikson.

If that sounds superficial, Erikson said don't be fooled, there are no gold diggers allowed.

"We do not except gold diggers. We have a very good screening process to make sure that we don't. We're looking for the whole package. This is the woman who looks like she just slid out of the pages of a magazine. Her smile is real and she's intelligent, classy," said Erikson.

Joining this service is free for women but men pay from $10,000 to $150,000 a year for dating coach sessions, relationship counseling and image consulting -- and of course unlimited dates with the pre-screened recruits.

Erikson said the high price is well worth it.

"Ninety-five percent of our gentlemen end up in a relationship," said Erikson.

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