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The founder of a Christian speed-dating company is teaming up with a large Protestant church to help local singles avoid the pitfalls of dating.

Date: 2007-05-05

Pastor Rob Chartrand says Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton is excited about hosting the one-day conference, called Boundaries in Dating. Admission to the May 19 conference is just $5.

"Singles matter to God, and we want to do what we can to help them," said Chartrand, whose west-end church typically draws 2,200 people at its three weekend worship services.

"We do a premarital course, and so we thought, 'Boy, it would be great if we can do a conference on dating as well because we have so many singles in our congregation.'"

One of those singles is Tina Woytuck, 29, who last year started Edmonton Christian Dating, a speed-dating service that, according to Woytuck, has led to many happy matches.

The upcoming conference will draw on the wisdom of California psychologist Henry Cloud, bestselling author of books like Boundaries in Dating and How to Get a Date Worth Keeping. Each of the four hour-long conference sessions are designed to provide practical insights to help singles make the most of their dating relationships.

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