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Websites of the Russian Movement against Non-Legal Immigration, as well as a number of anti-fascist websites stopped operating today.

At the moment the main internet resources of the Russian nationalists are not available. The and are not operating. The Ring of Patriotic resources (www.rossija.inf) and the Russian National Unity websites are out of service. However the Movement’s life journal and the do operate. The reason for the foul-up might be the latest developments in the Stavropol region and attempts by particular circles to block this information.

The websites might also be out of service because of hackers’ back-to-back attacks on behalf of the nationalist and anti-fascist movements in Russia. Websites of the youth Nashi and Molodoya Gvardiya movements had also been out of service for some time.

In the Novoalexandrovsk city of the Stravropol region clashes took place between local residents and immigrants, Altermedia reports. The region’s Cossacks hetman Andrey Khanin (also Ivan Khanin) was seriously wounded earlier, he received three gunshots, two of them in the head on February 14th. He was immediately taken to reanimation department of a local hospital. Rallies took place after the incident with the resident’s demanding protection against illegal immigrants.

The website was hacked not long ago. They installed the United Russia website image on former, while the real United Russia website could be found on

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