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Popoular Russian baby names

Name Sex Meaning Pet name
Adam male from Hebrew name Adam
Aleksey (Lesha, Alesha, Alex) male defender Alyosha, Leshenka
Alexander (Sasha, Shurik, Alex) male defender Sashenka, Shurik
Alexandra (Sasha, Shura) female defender Sashenka, Shurochka
Alina female from Latin alien Alinochka
Alisa female Alisochka
Alla female German name Allochka
Anastasya (Nastya) female from Greek reviviscence Nastenka
Anatoly (Tolya, Tolia, Tolik) male from Greek "West" Tolya, Tolenka
Andrey male from Greek "andros" Andrusha, Andrushenka
Anna (Hanna, Anya) female grace of God Anushka, Anechka, Anuta
Anton male "go into action" Antosha, Toshenka
Antonina (Tonya) female "go into action" Tonechka
Anzhela female from "Angel" Anzhelochka
Arkady male inhabitant of Arkadiya (in Ancient Greece) Arkasha
Artem male from Greek healthy Artemka, Artemchik
Barbara female from Greek foreigner Barbara
Bogdan male "given by God" Bogdanchik, Bodya
Bogdana female "given by God" Bogdanochka
Boris male "Borislav" - "bor" means fight, "slav" means "fame" Borenka, Borechka
Danil male "divine justice" Danechka, Danusha
Darya (Dasha) female From Old Persian "winner" Dashenka
David male "beloved" Davidka
Denis (Denya, Deniska, Den) male God of nature and wine Denya, Deniska
Diana female protector of Moon and hunting Dianochka
Dina female "power" or "faith" Dinochka
"Dmitri (Dmitry, Dima, Dimochka, Dimka) " male the goddess of the Land and Fecundity Dimochka
Eduard (Edik, Edya) male "slum landlord" Edichka
Efim (Fima) male devout, complacent Fimochka
Egor male "tiller" Egorushka
Ekaterina (Katya, Katerina) female "chaste" Katenka, Katusha
Elena (Lena, Helen) female "peculiar" Lenochka
Eleonora female Eleonora
Elizaveta (Lizaveta, Liza) female "vow to God" Lizonka, Lizochka
Elvira female Elvirochka
Eugenia (Zhenya) female "noble" Zhenechka
Eugeny (Evgeny, Evgeniy, Zhenia) male "noble" Zhenechka
Eve (Eva) female Eva is the name of Biblical mother Eva
Fillyp (Fillip) male "infatuated with horses" Filya
Galina (Galia) female "galene" Galochka, Galchonok
Gennady (Gena) male "noble" Genochka
Georgy male "farmer" Georgy
Grigory (Grisha) male "waking" Grishenka
Irina (Ira) female "peace" Irochka, Irunchik, Irishka
Ivan (Yvan, Vanya, Vanechka) male From Old Jewish name John Vanechka, Vanusha
Khristina (Hristina) female "devoted to Christ" Khristinochka
Kirill (Kiril) male "the lord" Kirusha
Lada female "nice", "wife" Ladochka
Larisa (Lala, Lalya, Lara) female "sea gull" Larochka, Lyalya
Leonid (Lenya, Lenechka) male "lion's son" Lenechka, Lenchik
Lesya female Lesechka
Lev (Leo) male lion Levushka, Levochka
Lidiya (Lida) female Lidochka
Liliya (Lilya) female from flower lily Lilechka
Lubol (Luba) female "love" Lubochka
Lyudmila (Luda) female "likable" Ludochka
Maksim (Maxim, Max) male Greatest Max, Maksimka
Nataliya (Natasha) female "own" Natashenka, Natalochka
Oleg (Olezhka) male "holy" Olechka
Olga (Olya, Lyolya) female Olechka, Olushka, Lyolya
Pavel, Pasha male "small" Pashenka, Pashunia
Petr (Petya) male "rock" Petenka
Polina female gods of Sun Apollo Polinochka, Polya
Raisa (Raya) female "obedient, yielding" Raya, Raisochka, Raychka
Roman (Roma) male "Roman" Romochka
Ruslan male Ruslanchik
Ruslana female from male Ruslan Ruslanochka
Semen (Senya) male "Heared by God" Senechka
Sergei (Sergey, Serg, Serezha, Serega) male "respected" Serezha, Serezhenka
Snezhana female Snezhanochka
Sofiya (Sofiya, Sofa) female "wisdom" Sofiushka, Sonia
Stanislav (Stas) male "glorious" Stasik
Stepan (Styopa) male "diadem" Stepochka
Svetlana (Sveta) female light Svetochka, Svetik
Taras male mutineer, rebel Tarasik
Tatyana (Tanya, Tania) female "organizer", "founder" Tanechka, Tanusha, Tanushka
Timur (Tymur) male Timur
Vadim (Vadik) male dispute Vadusha, Vadik
Valentin (Valik) male "valeo" - healthy Valik, Valechka
Valentina (Valya) female "valeo" - healthy Valechka, Valusha
Valeriya (Lera) female "valeo" - healthy Lerochka
Valery (Valera) male "valeo" - healthy Lera, Valerik
Vasily (Vasya) male royal Vasenka, Vasechka
Vera female "belief" Verochka, Verun
Veronika female Nika
Viacheslav (Slavik, Slava) male more fame Slavik, Slavochka
Viktor (Vitya) male from word "victory" Vitya, Vitenka, Vitusha
Viktorya (Vita) female from word "victory" Vitochka
Vitaly (Vitalik) male vital Vitalka
Vladimir (Vova) male "the owner of the peace" Vovochka
Vladislav (Vlad, Vladik) male "the owner of the fame" Vladusha
Yadviga female "wealthy warrior"
Yakov male Jacob
Yan male John, Ivan
Yana female Yanochka
Yuliya (Yuliya) female "frizzy", "fluffy" Yulechka
Yuri (Yura) male Slavic form of name Georgy Yurochka
Zhanna (Zhana) female "Grace" Zhannochka
Zinaida (Zina) female "born by Zeus" Zinochka
Zoya female "life" Zoienka

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