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'Something's drastically wrong with me!'

Date: 2006-12-11

Rahul Bose — one of the most eligible bachelors around — an actor with personality. Intelligent, opinionated, smart, active in sports and social service. Only, in his last film he played a man scared of commitment and can't help but wonder if Bose suffers from 'marriage phobia' in real life, too? Says he, "Yes, I suffer from all kinds of phobias — marriage phobia, love, relationship phobia, dating phobia, girl phobia... I haven't been in love for six years. I haven't taken a girl out for dinner in a long time.

I don't even have romantic notions about girls anymore, there's something drastically wrong with me!" Not a homosexuality tendency? And he jokes, "Yes, from hetro to homo — the sexuality change is happening in a very insidious way. No, but seriously, I don't believe that marriage is something that forms a part of the scheme of things for me. It's not that I'm scared of it. I simply don't think it's necessary for me to evolve as a more compassionate, loving human being. One can do that alone. If anything, marriage will throw up your faults in harsh light."

But he's had his fair share of pyar. What are the side effects when he's in love? "I've forgotten the sensation; I suppose the side effect for me when I was in love, was a certain sense of calmness," says Rahul, "It puts a man's libido at rest for a while. He's no more restless." And though the love of a woman may not be in his priority of things, the man has enough love to give to all.

And this he wishes to share also through his recently founded NGO called The Foundation. He tells us, "The Foundation has, as its one-point agenda, the endeavour to remove all kinds of discrimination from our lives, our country and our world. We will start small, we may even stay small, but the work we will do will be intelligent, uncompromising, consistent and full of love."

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