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Kristina - russian female (woman) name

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Christian
Usage: Russian, Ukrainian
Pronounced: kris-TEEN-a
Name day: March 26, August 6
Diminutive: Kristya, Kristinka

Kristina is a feminine form of Christian which comes from a medieval Latin name that meant 'Christian'. This was the name of ten kings of Denmark . Another famous bearer of the name was Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish author of such fairy tales as 'The Ugly Duckling' and 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. This was the name of a Swedish queen of the 17th century who was interested in the arts and philosophy.

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#1 jake dahlstrom (USA) at 2008-01-07
Privat Russian girls; Im an american man.past age 55;div. daughter 27, married; lives in foreign countries; speaks some Russian.lived in Vladivostok,Kharborvsk,Moscow and St. Pete. Im free to meet in Russia; will send my photo; im older..but can run, dance, jump..and chase you. I love music..and the bolshoi. I like humor..and Russian girls. dazvadania; ;Jake Dahlstrom
Author's answer: Dear Jake,

I see that you are truly interested in Russian ladies and I am sure our dating agency can help you to find the right woman for you. I am sure your knowledge of Russian, culture and life here can help you to build good relations with Russian women.

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