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Alexandra, Sasha - Russian woman (female) names

It is the female form of the name Alexander. It is of Greek origin and it means “people’s protector.”

If Alexandra is the only child in the family, she will be fretful and obstinate. She doesn’t not like to play with other children and prefers the company of herself. As a rule Alexandra enjoys strong health. At the school age she willingly goes in for sport and can achieve remarkable success due to her determination. Alexandra is reserved and rarely gets along with her mother. At school she can do well if she finds it necessary. Housework does not hold much appeal for her and when her family is about to start a spring cleaning, Alexandra can “fall ill.” However at other people’s places or where she is fairly unknown she can impress others with her diligence and hard work. She seems to be reserved and reticent but in fact she is very truthful.

Do not try to deceive her - she is a person of principle and can neither understand nor ever forgive any lie. She is very honest and expects other people to be the same.

She is on friendly terms with boys since childhood. Later on she prefers men’s company to women’s.

In youth she becomes more open and more frank with her mother. Alexandra knows perfectly well her place in life and what she wants from it therefore she will certainly try to get higher education. Alexandra can make a good doctors and bookkeepers; she may be attracted to driving. She loves hockey or football.

As a rule she gets married late and her husband finds not only a good friend but also a devoted aid and wonderful housewife. Love can make Alexandra a changed woman and spare her of some idleness she is generally prone to. She love traveling, camping, going to the country. In marriage she will try to have two or three children and will be a strict mother for them. The relations with her mother-in-law are complicated since Alexandra is slightly afraid of her.

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